3 Jewellery Goals for 2020

The New Year is the perfect time to set yourself some goals. Our wardrobes, including our accessories, should also be reviewed at the start of the year. Are there any pieces that you need to replace or have repaired, for example? Why not make 2020 the year you set yourself some jewellery goals with the help of your local jeweller in Ilford?

Goal 1: Repair that Jewellery!

Do you have jewellery languishing in a drawer somewhere, unloved and unworn, simply because it needs to be repaired? If you do, make this the year that you have your jewellery repaired. Often jewellery repairs are a quick, simple process which, once complete, will make you wonder why you didn’t have the repairs done sooner.

For jewellery repairs in Ilford this year, your destination goal should be E.K. Jewellers. We carry out jewellery repairs on the premises, which means that your precious pieces are not at risk of being lost in transit and you’ll have your jewellery ready to wear again in no time.

Goal 2: Assess Whether you’re Missing any Important Pieces

Do you find yourself regularly feeling like you’re missing a crucial piece of jewellery? For example, do you often think, “If only I had a long necklace to go with this outfit…”? If so, make this year the year that you take stock of your jewellery collection and fill in the gaps of those pieces that are missing.

Once you know what you’re after, be sure to visit your local jeweller in Ilford to complete your jewellery collection. With a range of in-stock pieces ready to go, a trip to your local jewellers will have you wondering why you left it so long before stocking up on those important pieces.

Goal 3: Change up your Style!

Have you fancied a change of style in recent years? Why not make this year the year that you’re brave and switch up your style? If you’re not sure where to begin, visit your local jeweller. The personal service you’ll receive by jewellers in and around Ilford will help you to choose pieces that suit you and your personality and your current sense of style, but which will make you feel that little bit different to normal.

If you’re after some friendly jewellery advice, pop along to E.K. Jewellers and see how we can help you to change up your jewellery collection this year. We promise we won’t go too out there, but we can help you to choose something a little different!

In fact, whether your jewellery goal this year is to try something new or to breathe new life into an old and broken piece, we can help. Pop in today and let us help you to achieve your New Year jewellery goals this year.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.