3 Jewellery Ideas for Prom Dress Perfection

Getting ready for a prom is such an important rite of passage. Having worked hard over the summer term exam period and getting ready to depart from friends and go off to further education or work, everyone will want their prom to be perfect. And choosing the perfect prom jewellery pieces is all part of the process. Here’s our pick of the best prom jewellery ideas for prom perfection.

1.  Prom earrings

Prom earrings are often an important part of your prom accessories. Earrings in particular make for great occasion jewellery, as they can be a fancy piece and yet complement your dress in such a way that they won’t detract from it or overwhelm it. However, getting prom earrings right really depends on your intended hairstyle and the neckline of your dress.

For example, if you’re wearing a dress with a lot of detail or embellishment around the neckline, opt for simple earrings. This could be something as simple as crystal or diamond studs. Similarly, simple earrings such as this work well if you are planning on wearing your hair down, as they won’t be too much with your hairstyle.

However, if you are opting for a simple dress and an up do, you can go for much more intricate earrings, to really draw the eye up from your neckline towards your face and hairstyle. Chandelier earrings are perfect for this sort of prom dress.

2.  Prom necklaces

Just as with prom earrings, prom necklaces should be dependent on the style of your prom dress. For example, strapless dresses work well with chokers and close-fitting necklaces. Deeper necklines, such as a sweetheart neckline, work well with a longer style necklace, perhaps with a pendant on the end.

Furthermore, remember that only your earrings or your necklace should be a statement piece; you shouldn’t have two statement pieces together as it will be too much. As such, remember that your local jeweller will often be able to advise on prom jewellery sets so that you don’t overwhelm your outfit.

3.  Quirky jewellery ideas for a gown dress

There are other ways that jewellery can complement your dress, and it may suit your sense of style to go for a completely different sort of dress and prom accessories. For example, if you go for a backless prom dress or a dress with a deep back, you may opt for a back necklace. These are extremely elegant and make for a very different type of jewellery.

Similarly, although prom dresses are usually sleeveless or short sleeved, if you do opt for a long sleeved dress – perhaps something elegant and lacy – why not accessorise with some gorgeous stacked rings? This will really draw attention to the sleeves.

Remember that when it comes to prom jewellery ideas, there is no one way of accessorising your dress. Ask your local jeweller about the huge range of girls’ prom jewellery available and which pieces will suit your dress.

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Posted on by Ian Tubby.