3 Reasons Why you Should NEVER Attempt DIY Jewellery Repairs

Homemade jewellery is all the rage among those of us with crafty fingers nowadays. Visit any craft fair, and you’ll find someone there selling their jewellery wares.

If you’re among those people lucky enough to be gifted with the likes of beads and jewels, then you may well be tempted to carry out jewellery repairs on your more expensive, classic pieces of jewellery, too. Even if you’re not of an arts and crafts persuasion, you may think that it’s easy to repair jewellery, but either way, doing so yourself would be a mistake.

Whether you’re likely to damage the piece or just won’t get the desired finish with a DIY repair, here are just three reasons why we believe that it’s always a false economy to carry out jewellery repairs yourself:

1.  Broken Clasps and Links

You may feel that if your necklace or bracelet needs a new clasp, or has a broken link, it’s something that you can do yourself at home with a pair of small pliers. If you’re accomplished at jewellery making, then of course you can add a new clasp to something, or close a broken link, but you may not get the professional quality you desire.

By taking that piece to a professional jeweller, however, you’d be guaranteeing that the new clasp or replacement link is the right type of metal for the piece, and that the clasp will be fastened correctly to the necklace or bracelet to protect it against future breakages and therefore potential loss of the piece while it’s being worn.

2.  Jewellery Cleaning

There are plenty of kits and cleaning cloths on the market nowadays that claim to bring the shine back to your jewellery. But unless you get your pieces cleaned professionally, you just won’t get the same standard of finish.

This is particularly true of white gold jewellery – which often requires its rhodium plating to be replaced as well as the piece being cleaned – and watches. When a watch is cleaned by a professional, all of the moving parts are checked and serviced too to make sure that it’s in perfect working order.

3.  Stone Tightening

Repairs to the prongs or settings of stones are always best left to the professionals. As stones and gems are often the most valuable part of any piece of jewellery, you won’t want these to work themselves loose and fall out due to DIY repairs.

Not only do professionals have special tools for tightening stone settings, but we can also use solder correctly if necessary to fix the stones in place.

No matter what you require, EK Jewellers will carry out a professional job on all jewellery repairs. Ilford based customers are welcome to come in and discuss their requirements. We’ll carry out the very best repairs to your special pieces on the premises.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.