3 Top Christmas Jewellery Gift Ideas

Christmas is just around the corner, and many of us have started our Christmas shopping already. If you’re on the hunt for a Christmas gift for someone special, have you thought about jewellery Christmas gifts?

There’s something so special about jewellery gifting, as choosing a piece which you know they will love and which will suit their style shows how much you care about your recipient. If you’re thinking about buying jewellery as a gift this Christmas, here is our jewellery gift guide for the season ahead.

The classic jewellery Christmas gifts

Christmas is a great time to give classic pieces of jewellery as gifts. For example, small huggle-hoop earrings are one of the best jewellery Christmas gifts for those people in your life that you know will appreciate a classic piece of jewellery.

With this in mind, why not opt for Kit Heath’s small bevel gold hoops, or the revival eclipse outline semi hoops? Alternatively, if you want to give something which is a cross between the classic and the contemporary, opt for something like Kit Heath’s Coast Tumble semi hoops, for something which has that perfect mix between the two styles.

Jewellery Christmas gifts with love

If you’re shopping for someone special this Christmas, you won’t go far wrong with jewellery. The motifs of ladies’ jewellery in particular can really show how much you love someone.

For example, why not gift the Miniature Sweet Heart Sparkle Pavé Necklace, which is part of the Kit Heath jewellery collection? The dainty heart pendant will instantly tell your recipient how you feel about them.

If you want something a little less obvious, or you know that hearts and flowers aren’t your loved one’s style, why not opt for the Desire Kiss Triple Hearts necklace? Although it does sill utilise the heart motif, the slightly more abstract shape of the triple heart pendant makes it a little more contemporary in style.

For a friend, rather than a partner, there are also plenty of pieces which will show them how much you care. Why not go for stars rather than hearts and show them just how much of a star they are to you? We love the Kit Heath Stargazer Galaxy stud drop earrings for a little bit of a party piece this Christmas!

Jewellery Christmas gifts that mix it up

Mixed metals are going to be a huge Christmas jewellery trend this Christmas. Don’t forget that when it comes to Kit Heath Jewellery, it’s not all about the sterling silver jewellery gifts; there are actually plenty of mixed metal pieces within the collection, too, including plenty of rose gold pieces, which is a super fashionable metal at the moment.

Choose something like the Kit Heath Bevel Cirque Link Gold Toggle Bracelet to show someone how strong your link is with them, or the Desire Kiss Blush Mini Twinned Hearts necklace for a more obvious statement.

For more Christmas jewellery gift ideas, pop into E.K. Jewellers in Hainault

If this jewellery gift guide has whetted your appetite for Christmas jewellery gift ideas, pop into E.K. Jewellers for even more of the best jewellery Christmas gifts. As trusted local jewellers in Ilford, we stock plenty of Kit Heath pieces, suitable for each and every recipient and their sense of style. We can help you choose something to suit your recipient, to give them a gift they’ll love this Christmas.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.