3 Ways to Accessorise a Strapless Neckline with Jewellery

With the summer having arrived, many of us are opting for the coolness of a strapless neckline. Strapless necklines are great for hot weather; not only do they keep us cool, but they look super stylish, too. However, it can be difficult to know how to accessorise a strapless dress or top.

This is where your local jeweller in Hainault steps in! We have a variety of ways that you can accessorise a strapless outfit, and here are just three of them.

Drama Queen

Depending on your outfit, strapless necklines can often take a rather dramatic statement necklace. If your dress or top is plain and one colour, an elaborate necklace is a fail-safe way to dress up a strapless neckline.

If your outfit is one bold colour – for example a hot pink – why not jazz up your neckline with a vivid pink, green and blue jewel coloured statement necklace? The contrasting and complementing colours will add interest to your bare neck. If your dress is black or neutral, you can still go for bright colours if you wish to stand out and add a pop of colour, or alternatively, go for a black or silver bold necklace for a tonal, sophisticated look.

Earring Envy

Of course, your hairstyle will play a large part in choosing your jewellery for a strapless dress or top. A popular choice is to wear your hair up with a strapless neckline, and if this is the case with the outfit you have in mind, why not opt for some dramatic earrings to enhance your overall look?

Chandelier earrings have been a popular look for decades with a strapless dress, but for something a little more modern, why not choose pull through earrings? These earrings, which pull right the way through the piercing and then dangle either side without a clasp, are simple in their design but not without their impact. How about a pair with a simple pearl attached at either end, to add a little interest? Independent jewellers will either have pull through earrings in stock, or will be able to create some bespoke earrings for you.

Simply Sophisticated

Of course, a strapless neckline doesn’t have to be about the drama. If you would rather keep it simple, that’s fine, and actually a very sophisticated option. The key is to go really simple, so choose a very dainty gold or silver chain with a tiny diamond pendant on the end, for example.

However you choose to dress up a strapless neckline, your local jeweller in Hainault can help. Visit E.K. Jewellers, and we will be able to advise what will best suit your strapless outfit and your style this summer.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.