3 Ways to Reuse Broken Jewellery

Despite what you might think, broken jewellery doesn’t need to be sentenced to a life of dusty drawers and forgotten jewellery boxes. But what can you do with a piece of jewellery which is unwearable? Well, they might need a little bit of love and attention but you can bring old jewellery back to life again.

Stumped as to what you can do with your broken jewellery? The first step is to visit a jeweller that carries out jewellery repairs on the premises so that you can talk about some of these ideas:

1.  Mend it

The obvious thing to do, of course, is to mend it so that it can be worn as it was originally intended. Most breakages can be repaired: links can be mended, stones reset, pearls and other beaded necklaces and bracelets restrung.

Remember to use a jeweller that carries out jewellery repairs on the premises, as this will mean that any loose or broken parts of the jewellery are not lost during transit and are instead cared for and fixed on site.

2.  Incorporate it

If some parts of the jewellery are salvageable but others have perhaps seen better days, rather than fix it, why not incorporate it into something else?

Stones could be reset into a new pendant or a band for a ring, drops from earrings could be refashioned into charms for charm bracelets and if you have a broken pearl necklace whereby you’ve misplaced some of the pearls, why not have it incorporated into a bracelet?

Alternatively, the remainder of the pearls could be incorporated alongside a different bead or precious stone for a contemporary twist on a new necklace or bracelet.

3.  Remodel it

And if the piece really has seen better days or you just fancy a complete change? Remodel it entirely!

Take your broken pieces of jewellery to your local jeweller and speak to them about new designs for your jewellery. Metals can often be melted down and refashioned into other pieces, and stones can be taken out of their settings and made into something entirely new.

For example, if you have an heirloom piece with pretty stones, but the metal isn’t your style, have the stones taken out and reset into a different metal to give it a fresh look.

No matter what you do, for the safety of your jewellery it’s important to use a qualified jeweller who undertakes jewellery repairs on the premises. Ilford, Chigwell and Loughton jewellery lovers can visit EK Jewellers in nearby Hainault for this work. Speak to us about how you’d like to use your broken jewellery, and one way or another, we’ll give it a new lease of life.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.