4 Ways to FALL for Autumnal Gemstone Colours

Autumn is the season to show our true colours and there’s no better way to show off our personality through jewellery than with gemstones. Autumn lends itself so well towards gemstone jewellery; as nature turns to shades of red, yellow and orange, we too can adorn ourselves in similar tones.

So how best to show off your autumnal side with gemstone jewellery? Here are four ways that trusted jewellers recommend you wear gemstones this autumn.

In the Nude

Nude and pale pink and peachy tones will be on trend this autumn, and morganite is the perfect gemstone to represent this colour in jewellery. It’s also the stone of love, said to carry an energy which warms the soul, and this is why it’s a popular choice for autumn weddings.

Morganite is also a great complement to English rose skin tones, so opt for this if you want to add some blush to your autumnal wardrobe. Alternatively, rose quartz is a good choice, or if you have a slightly deeper skin tone, opt for topaz or chocolate quartz to get the same nude effects. If you’re not sure which stone will suit your skin tone, an independent jeweller will be able to help with your choice.

Merry Berry

Berry tones are always a hit for the autumn months, both in clothing and the accompanying jewellery. In gemstone terms, this means ruby, emerald, sapphire, tourmaline and tanzanite. Ask for a necklace or earrings which are strung onto a gold base, and you’ll have the perfect merry berry autumnal look.

Opal Rainbows

Opals are full of fire, with their many depths of colour that can give a whole rainbow to your gemstone jewellery this autumn. No two opals are the same, which makes your jewellery incredibly unique, and it’s also the birthstone for October, making it perfect for those autumnal babies.

If you want to make your autumn gemstone even more unique, why not ask your local jeweller if they can create a bespoke opal piece for you? This will really give you a one of a kind piece of jewellery this autumn.

Pretty Pearls

Pearls will never go out of style, and are in fashion year round. However, they are the perfect piece of jewellery for autumn due to their many colours. Pink, white and pale yellow pearls are perfect for autumn, and can be combined with other stones, such as diamonds, which will take the piece through from autumn through to the Christmas party season.

Ask your local jewellery shop about their in stock pearl pieces, or perhaps have a piece of bespoke jewellery made in order to incorporate other stones within the design.

Specialist help from Jewellers in Ilford

Whatever colour suits your style this autumn, your local jeweller in Ilford can help to bring some autumn tones into your jewellery wardrobe this season. Here at E.K. Jewellers we are happy to help you pick something from our stock of ready-made pieces or would like a piece of custom jewellery created, pop in to see how we can help you brighten up your jewellery this autumn.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.