5 Things You Never Knew About Jewellery

Jewellery has a long and fascinating history. Even our own pieces often have a story, because they’ve been given to us by someone special, or for a special occasion, or may have even been handed down the generations. But there are also some weird and wonderful jewellery facts out there.

Here are five utterly intriguing things you may never have known about jewellery.

1.  Jewellery has been around for longer than you think

The oldest known jewellery ever found was 100,000 year old beads, made from Nassarius shells. The beads were from the Skhul Cave of Mount Carmel in Isreal, and Oued Djebbana in Algeria.

Here in the UK pieces have been discovered dating back as far as the Iron Age. This just goes to show that jewellery has had an important place in our lives literally for thousands of years!

2.  Many people believe that jewellery can ward off evil

Many people believe that jewels and gemstones can ward off evil. Some also believe that certain designs and motifs protect the wearer against evil, such as the Egyptian Ankh.

In the UK, the St. Christopher pendant is often given to travellers to ensure their protection whilst on their voyages, and many people believe that jewellery with certain stones included can help protect the wearer. Black Onyx for example is thought to ward off evil and boost self-confidence.

3.  Part of the biggest ever diamond found is in the crown jewels

Our very own Crown Jewels contain the Cullinan Diamond, a chunk of the biggest diamond that was ever found. Discovered in 1905, it weighs 3,106.75 carats! The diamond would have originally been a gem-quality rough diamond which was cut and polished to shape.

We love both rough and cut diamonds, however, and as experienced jewellers we can recommend jewellery pieces featuring both. We can’t guarantee they’ll be as large as the diamond in the crown, however, but probably more budget friendly!

4.  Organic gemstones are made by living organisms

An organic gemstone is a stone which is made by a living organism. For example, pearls are made by oysters, coral grows in reefs and amber is made from fossilised tree resin.

This is why all of these organic gemstones can be very individual in their look and feel, and this is a huge part of their beauty.

5.  The Smiths did a fantastic job of making men’s jewellery popular!

Mancunian 1980s band The Smiths did a great job of making men’s jewellery popular!

Channelling their inner hippy, they often wore beaded necklaces and jewellery, which in turn made men’s jewellery popular again with the average Joe.

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Posted on by Ian Tubby.