A Guide to Bespoke Winter Engagement Rings

Winter is a wonderfully romantic time to propose. Whether you choose to pop the question over the festive season, or are waiting for the magic of a snowy winter’s walk, it’s a really special time of year to get engaged.

And if you want a nod towards your wintery engagement, then why not have a piece of bespoke jewellery made, specifically a winter themed engagement ring?

Warming Tones

Copper and rose gold tones are a huge trend at the moment, and these rich, warm metal colours are perfect for wintertime. Seen more in interiors than it has been in jewellery, it doesn’t mean that if you love the soft, warm metallic tones you can’t have them made into a bespoke engagement ring.

Jewellery made from copper coloured metal is probably best suited to costume jewellery, but you can still achieve a striking metallic look with a rich rose gold colour, which is hugely on trend this season. Why not go a little out there and have a couple of stackable rings made for your fiancée, either with the intention of having one as a wedding band and one as an eternity ring, or perhaps just treat her to all three as an engagement surprise? This way, you can mix yellow and rose golds, which when combined will give an overall coppery feel.

Ice Queen

Of course, when it comes to bespoke jewellery in winter, there has always been a nod towards all things icy. You don’t have to go cheesy with your ice-inspired jewellery, either. A dramatic, square cut diamond set upon a band frosted with stones will be enough to give that brilliant snowy sparkle.

Visit your local jeweller to look at rings with brilliantly cut stones so that you can select something with an icy sparkle.

Snowy Stars

Of course, if you do want a snowflake or star shape, you can do so without being typical. Choose a star motif as part of your bespoke jewellery, but make it have a really geometric, angular feel, with really thin points and eight or more spokes. This way it will look less snowflake and more sparkly star, which will mean that you won’t feel disinclined to wear it throughout the remainder of the year.

Ask your jeweller to encrust your star in the tiniest of diamonds, and then have it set on a super thin band. This will give it a really contemporary, stylish feel.

The Snowball Effect

If you’d really like something which is both classic but completely different, then a snowball style is the perfect bespoke engagement ring for you. We’d suggest asking your jeweller to create a piece of bespoke jewellery which consists of one large stone with a diamond encrusted spiral wrapped around the edge.

You could even have a little tail flicking off at one end, to give the idea of movement. Finish it with a yellow gold setting for added warmth.

No matter what your style this winter, E.K. Jewellers can provide the perfect piece of bespoke jewellery. Ilford and Hainault based romantics can pop along to E.K. Jewellers for advice on creating a bespoke engagement ring, ready for the perfect winter proposal.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.