A Jeweller that Gives you Everything

With all things in life, it’s natural to seek different services from different organisations. However, there are some businesses that make our lives just that little bit easier, simply by having all the services we could need for that particular area of our life under one roof. As local jewellers serving the community of Hainault, E.K. Jewellers are exactly that. We can give you everything to fulfil your jewellery needs, under one roof.

As well as a huge range of in-stock jewellery, did you know that we also offer a wide range of services which will keep your jewellery looking its best and wearable? Not to mention those little extras we sometimes need for special occasions, too!

Jewellery Repairs

When it comes to jewellery repairs, Hainault based clients can be assured that their precious pieces will be safe in our hands. We carry out a range of jewellery repairs on site, including pearl restringing, resetting stones and fixing broken links, amongst other repair work.

And the best bit? As we carry out all of our jewellery repairs on the premises, Hainault based customers can rest assured that their precious pieces will not be lost in transit and can visit us for all repairs under one roof.

Watch Servicing and Batteries

When it comes to watches, a little bit of regular TLC will keep them ticking over. We can service your watch on site, therefore alleviating the risk of it being lost in transit.  Similarly, if you just want to change your watch band or perhaps need a new watch battery, Hainault timepiece lovers can cover all of their watch needs in one visit. 

Rhodium Plating

If you own any white gold jewellery, you might have seen it yellowing slightly over time. Particularly with wedding and engagement rings which are worn every day, gradually the rhodium plating which gives white gold jewellery its distinctive silver look wears away to reveal the yellow gold underneath.

However, this can be easily fixed by having the rhodium re-plated. For on-site rhodium plating, Hainault residents can visit E.K. Jewellers, as we carry out rhodium plating on the premises. This is particularly important with wedding, engagement and eternity rings; they are pieces of jewellery that you definitely would not want to go missing en route to being spruced up!

Bespoke Jewellery

Of course, it’s not all about fixing jewellery that we already own. Sometimes we want something completely new, and not only that, but something completely unique. Which is where our bespoke jewellery service steps in. As a bespoke jeweller Hainault customers trust, we can take your ideas and bring them to life for you.

Whether you’re looking for a completely bespoke piece created from scratch, or perhaps you need an old piece of jewellery remodelled into something more suitable for your current needs, E.K. jewellers can help with handmade jewellery Hainault clients can relish.

Regardless of what service you require, we can help to fulfil all of your jewellery needs under one roof. We have a huge range of jewellery in stock, as well as replacement watch bands, and the ability to carry out a range of jewellery repairs, services and jewellery creation on site. If you’re based in Hainault, why not pop by and see how we can become your one-stop jewellery shop?

Posted on by Ian Tubby.