Are your Jewellery Eyes Bigger than your Belly?

It’s fair to say that most of us own more jewellery than we are every likely to need or wear. And who can blame us? It’s sparkly, it’s fun, it’s pretty...why shouldn’t we own lots of nice pieces?

Well the trouble with this is that we often spend our money on pieces that we either don’t need or aren’t likely to wear because they simply aren’t our style.

This year, here at EK Jewellers, Chigwell jewellery owners will be guided towards the direction of pieces that are suitable for them with our advice. Our jewellery eyes will no longer be bigger than our bellies!

Buy Classic

Of course, buying classic pieces of jewellery is the simplest advice that we can give as jewellers. You should certainly have a few classic, stylish pieces which you can fall back on time and again. For most women, this would be a set of pearls, some simple diamonds and something which is more of a statement.

If the idea of buying a statement piece worries you, please feel free to drop by for advice; every woman will have a bold piece which will suit their overall look.

Wear your Jewellery Differently

The idea of wearing your jewellery differently doesn’t mean wrapping necklaces around your wrists as bracelets (although if you want to do this, we wouldn’t discourage it!), but rather think about when and where you wear each piece.

Why not set a rule to wear each piece you own only once per week? This way, you’ll work your way through your jewellery collection every week. You’ll be forced to wear pieces which wouldn’t normally be your go-to staple piece. Give it a go; you’ll be surprised what you unearth!

Keep on Top of Jewellery Repairs

Our final piece of advice for making sure that parts of your jewellery collection don’t just languish in drawers is to ensure that you keep on top of any jewellery repairs. Chigwell residents can rest safe in the knowledge that any repairs that they bring to EK Jewellers will be carried out on site and to the highest of standards.

How often do you think to yourself that you’ll wear a certain piece only to remember that a stone is missing, or a link is broken? Jewellery repairs allow you to pare down your extensive collections which go unworn, into a few special pieces.

However you decide to wear your jewellery this year, with the help of EK Jewellers, Chigwell residents can be sure that they will receive only the best, in terms of both advice and jewellery.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.