Big Brands and Best Customer Service: More Reasons to love your Local Jeweller!

When thinking about buying a new piece of jewellery, many of us have some internal discussion about whether to use local, independent jewellers or go for a large, high street chain. If you’re looking for a big brand, then you might be tempted to just hit the high street, but we say don’t rule out independent jewellery shops.

Independent jewellers Ilford wide will tell you that just because they are able to give excellent customer service, it doesn’t mean that the quality or range of stock suffers as a result. Read on for more reasons to love your local jeweller!

Big Brands

Just because a jeweller is an independent entity rather than part of a big chain, it doesn’t mean that they won’t stock the big brands that you’re after. Independent jewellers will more often than not stock big brand names at excellent prices. Alternatively, they may be able to order a certain piece in for you.

What’s more, because of their wealth of experience, they will also often be able to give you more of an insight or advice on a brand than if you were to go to a large chain, who handle a higher volume of jewellery pieces.

More Uniqueness

As well as the big brands that are often available at your local jewellers, you may well discover a completely new brand to fall in love with.

We often have access to smaller, lesser known brands which are just as good quality as some of the bigger jewellery companies, but who can offer something slightly different to those pieces that you’d find in a high street chain jewellers.

You never know, you might just find your next big jewellery love affair!

Best Customer Service

Of course, it’s not always about the brands or the pieces. You may want a piece from a big brand’s range, or you may want a quirky, less well known piece, or you may not want one of these at all; you may want something created bespoke for you! Either way, by visiting local, independent jewellers, you can rest assured you will be getting the best customer service.

We know our stock inside out, and we also know how to create the most beautiful of bespoke pieces too. And the way that we do this is by listening to your needs, and getting to know you as a customer. So if you are looking to visit a local jeweller for the best brands and the best customer service, why not visit E.K. Jewellers? Ilford residents are able to trust that we are the best all round.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.