Celebrating May Day with Pagan and Celtic Jewellery

Did you know that May Day was traditionally the spiritual Celtic festival of Bealtaine? Celebrating the ‘return of the sun’ and embracing all that summer has to offer, the May Day festival was celebrated across all of Medieval Europe, and particularly in Ireland. Pagan jewellery is still very popular today, so as we enter the month of May, here are our favourite pagan and Celtic jewellery to celebrate this magical month.

Claddagh rings

Claddagh rings are amongst the most well-known pieces of Celtic jewellery. The traditional motif of two hands holding either side of a heart, with a crown at the top, has been given as a token of love in Ireland for centuries, often as a wedding or engagement ring. The various motifs contained within the ring represent love, loyalty and friendship, which is why Claddagh rings make such a sentimental token of love.

Claddagh rings can be made of either yellow gold, sterling silver or white gold, and you can also have a precious stone enclosed within the heart setting. Why not ask your local jeweller about creating a custom-made piece of gold or silver pagan jewellery, such as a Claddagh ring?

Pentagram jewellery

Pentagram jewellery is another very popular style of pagan jewellery, often thought of as a symbol of protection, magic, spirituality and balance.

The most traditional style of pentagram jewellery is a pentagram necklace, and this can come in many different styles, from simple and understated pentagrams through to intricate Celtic designs. Don’t forget that the pentagram motif can also be used in rings, too, in a repeated pattern to form a band of stars. Speak to your local jeweller about the different styles of pentagram jewellery available.

Wiccan jewellery

If pentagram and Claddagh jewellery aren’t your style, there are plenty of other choices when it comes to pagan jewellery. How about a piece of sterling silver Wiccan jewellery for example?

Wiccan jewellery often includes motifs such as moons, runes, stars and pentacles as well as Celtic pagan jewellery designs. As such, there is plenty of scope to choose a piece of silver or gold pagan jewellery to suit your sense of style. And if you can’t find a piece to suit your taste? Have a piece of Wiccan jewellery made by your local jeweller!

Celebrate May Day with Celtic and pagan jewellery with the help of E.K. Jewellers in Hainault

If you’re ready to invest in a new piece of pagan jewellery and celebrate May Day in style, visit E.K. Jewellers in Ilford.

We have many in-stock pieces available which fit with the Celtic pagan jewellery style, and, as trusted jewellers in Hainault, we can also create custom pieces of jewellery especially for your needs. Pop in store today to see the many pieces of Celtic jewellery we have to offer and celebrate this most special of months. 

Posted on by Ian Tubby.