Changing Times: Four Ways to Remodel your Watch

On more than one occasion, we’ve seen or heard people talking about watches they’ve had bought for them, or gifted to them as an heirloom piece, and while they’ve always been grateful for the thoughtful gift, we’ve sometimes detected an undercurrent of disappointment.

And who can blame the disappointment, when a watch is such a personal piece of jewellery? There are such a huge range of styles, makes and functions available, it’s important to have a watch that you love. But what can you do if you have been given a watch which isn’t quite your taste? Here are a few ideas to help convert your timepiece into something that’s more ‘you’.

Change the Watch Strap

Whether you’ve been gifted a watch which isn’t quite your style, or it’s simple that your watch has seen better days, a new watch strap can really give it a new lease of life. Your local jewellery shop will stock a range of watch accessories, so you’ll be able to choose a new strap or a new watch battery quickly and easily.

Choose something more contemporary like a bracelet band or metal strap, or go for a classic and stylish leather watch strap. Changing the strap can really give a watch a new look and feel, and yet you’ll still be keeping the face, which is the essence of the watch, intact.

Change the Face Casing

If you’ve been given an heirloom watch which would look and feel much better in terms of your style with a new casing, don’t be afraid to ask your local jeweller to work on changing the face.

Sometimes a vintage timepiece will require a change of casing in order to keep it working at its best, so if you’re unsure of its style anyway, it’s worth speaking to a jeweller that carries out jewellery repairs on the premises to see what can be done.

Something a Little Different…

Did you know that the pocket watch is making something of a comeback? And if you really want to change your watch into something entirely different, it’s certainly something to think about!

Ask your local jeweller if it’s possible to change your wrist watch into a pocket watch. There are often ways that wrist watches can be altered to work as a pocket watch, or similarly if you’ve been handed down a pocket watch which you simply won’t wear in its current form, why not see if your jeweller can remodel it to be worn as a wrist watch?

And Don’t Forget your Watch Battery!

Don’t forget that as well as all your remodelling needs, you can also stop by your local jewellers for something as everyday as a new watch battery. Woodford and Ilford watch owners and anyone from the surrounding areas can pop into EK Jewellers in Hainault for this service as we have a range of different watch batteries and straps in stock at any time to help keep you ticking over.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.