Common Watch Battery Problems and How to Fix Them

Most timepieces are special, whether they are a financial investment or a statement of your sense of style. So when your watch battery looks like it’s coming to the end of its life – or at least something seems to be indicating that’s the case – it’s good to get it professionally replaced.

Here are 6 common watch problems, often relating to the battery, and what you need to do about them:

1.  My Watch has Stopped Working

This is usually the easiest problem to solve, as it often simply means that you need a new watch battery, especially if your current watch battery is approximately 2 years old. Be sure to take it to a jewellers that carries out repairs on their premises, as they’ll be able to check it and replace it for you while you wait.

2.  My Second Hand is Skipping a few Seconds at a Time

In some watches, this is an indicator of battery end of life. Take it to a jeweller who has the facility to carry out checks and if necessary install a new watch battery on the premises.

3.  My Second Hand is ticking Back and Forth but the Watch isn’t Working

This normally indicates that the watch battery is functioning, but the mechanical part of the watch isn’t working. This is usually something which can be fixed with a routine service of the watch.

4.  I’ve had the Watch Battery for a Year, Perhaps I should just Change it anyway…?

Stop! Don’t change anything! Most watch batteries last approximately 2 years, with some having an extended battery life and therefore lasting beyond that, so it’s unlikely that you’ll need to change it every year.

Opening your watch’s casing, even when done by an experienced professional jeweller, can cause damage to a watch’s water resistance, so it’s best to wait until the battery either completely stops or there is an end of life indicator, such as the second hand skipping.

5.  The Screen on my Digital Watch has turned Black. Is this a Battery Problem?

If the screen of your digital watch has turned black to the extent that the numbers can no longer be seen clearly, this usually indicates that the watch has had a shock, rather than it needing a new watch battery.

The usual cause of this is the digital display becoming cracked or contaminated, causing air to leak and damage to the conductive fluid. If this is the case, it may be cheaper to replace the watch than repair it.

6.  My Watch’s Alarm has Stopped Working since the Battery was Changed!

If you’ve recently had a new watch battery installed, and the alarm on your watch has since stopped working, this could be because the alarm contact spring is no longer in the correct position, the casing has not been put back correctly or there is a problem with the alarm contact place.

With any of these factors this is a very simple repair, but remember to use a jeweller that carries out repair work on the premises to minimise any further damage to your timepiece, or even its loss.

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Posted on by Ian Tubby.