Did you Skip the Engagement Ring? Check out these Alternatives.

Many couples nowadays are walking down the aisle without an engagement ring ever reaching a finger. Why is this becoming a growing trend? Well, sometimes it’s because the couple can’t find a ring that they like enough; sometimes a wedding budget doesn’t allow for an engagement ring, or occasionally it might be because it’s a spontaneous or last minute wedding.

But isn’t it a crime to not have something to show for your engagement? Something to show the commitment you’re about to make each other? It doesn’t necessarily have to be an engagement ring either, as there are plenty of other jewellery options out there, but we do think it’s a crying shame not to have something pretty to wear.

If you’re one of the growing numbers of couples that skipped the engagement ring but don’t want to completely miss out on some sparkle, here are some options for you:

An Eternity Ring

A traditional option if you missed out on an engagement ring is to have an eternity ring instead. Just like an engagement and wedding ring set, this can be bespoke-made to fit alongside your wedding ring exactly. What’s more, eternity rings are traditionally super sparkly, so you won’t miss out on that twinkle!

Remodelled Jewellery

If you have any heirloom pieces of jewellery, why not have these repaired or remodelled into a ring that you’d now like to wear? Rings which have been handed down the generations may have stones missing or require resizing, but an experienced jeweller who carries out repairs on the premises will easily be able to fulfil this work.

Alternatively, you may have a brooch, some earrings or a pendant which you’d like to be made into a substitute engagement ring, or perhaps a ring that you’d like made into a brooch, some earrings or a pendant instead of an engagement ring! Either way, these can be made to be symbolic of your commitment.

Rings done Differently

Don’t want to wear a ring – engagement ring or otherwise – on your ring finger, but would still like a lovely, traditional sparkler? Why not go for something off beat like a ring that can be worn as a pendant on a fine chain, or otherwise ask a jeweller to create a bespoke charm bracelet charm from a ring of your choosing?

And Now for Something Entirely Different…

Just as with the remodelled jewellery ideas above, don’t think that you have to have a ring. If you’d rather have a different type of jewellery piece, then do so! Earrings, brooches and charms for charm bracelets can have just as much meaning.

A good local jewellers will stock plenty of alternative jewellery pieces, and men don’t have to miss out either: how about choosing a watch or some cufflinks as a man’s variant on the engagement ring?

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Posted on by Ian Tubby.