Five Ideas for Engraving Jewellery

Engraving jewellery is a lovely way to personalise special pieces. An important message, a date, whatever it may be, engraving makes it personal to you. If you can’t afford a completely bespoke piece, asking a trusted jewellers to engrave a piece of jewellery for you is a great alternative to make it feel uniquely yours.

Not sure what to have engraved? Here are five different ideas for your inspiration:

1.  Mark a Moment

Possibly the most obvious type of engraving any jewellers will undertake is the engraving of certain dates. A wedding date, an anniversary, the date of children’s birthdays, whatever it may be, make sure you never forget it by having a piece of jewellery engraved.

This is a particularly popular option for wedding rings, which are often engraved with the initials of the newlyweds and their big day’s date. We’ve also heard of brides buying jewellery and having it engraved with the date of the wedding to give to bridesmaids as a way of asking them to be a part of their nuptials…

2.  Keep Someone Close

Another popular one for weddings, having the name of someone you love engraved onto a piece of jewellery is a great way of carrying someone close.

Don’t just restrict it to a wedding, however. Why not have the name of your children engraved on a locket, or the names of people that are no longer with us engraved onto a disc on a charm bracelet?

3.  A Special Message

If you’re having a larger piece of jewellery engraved, such as a watch, then you can be a bit more lavish and write a whole message.

Whether as a wedding gift, an anniversary gift or even a present for a special birthday, tell the recipient how much they mean to you in a way that they can wear your words every day.

4.  Say it Sparkly

And if you want a slightly longer message engraved onto a small piece of jewellery, if the piece includes a stone, did you know that you can actually have the stone itself engraved?

Certain jewellers can laser inscribe a message onto a stone. It’s not visible with the naked eye, and can only be viewed via magnifying glass, so what better way is there to pass on that secret sparkly message? When undertaken on a precious stone such as a diamond, this type of engraving also acts as a unique birthmark should the piece be lost or stolen.

5.  Affirmations

And if you need a little pep talk yourself, why not buy yourself something sparkly and have it engraved with a life affirming message to remind you of your goals? You could include anything from ‘seize the day’ through to ‘when life hands you lemons, grab the tequila’!

No matter what you need to remind yourself of, take a trip to your local jewellers, treat yourself and inspire every day with engraved words. Who says jewellery should only ever be bought as a gift for someone else?!

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Posted on by Ian Tubby.