Gentlemen: are you too Busy for your own Wedding Ring?

Men and their wedding rings: they can be a touchy subject. Some men are completely averse to wearing jewellery of any description, some just find that they can’t wear their wedding ring as much as they’d like because of their lifestyle. Does this mean that the men of today are just too busy for their own wedding rings?

Well, there are ways that you can make sure your wedding ring suits your busy lifestyle. As a trusted jeweller in Barkingside, here are our tips for how to achieve this:

For the Man that Hates Jewellery:

If you’re the type of man that just doesn’t like wearing jewellery, of any description, but you want to wear a wedding ring to honour your marriage and your future wife, then comfort is key. The trick to picking a comfortable wedding ring comes down to two factors: the inside curve of the ring and the size (width) of the ring.

By choosing a ring with a soft curve on the inside, the ring will comfortably glide on and off of the finger and will feel more appealing for everyday wear. The width of the ring should reflect the size of the ring and the length of the finger to make sure it’s as comfortable as possible.

As your jeweller in Barkingside, we’ll be happy to talk you through the variants.

For the Man with the Hands-On Lifestyle:

Whether you work in a manual industry, play sports, or have a hands-on hobby, you may find yourself taking your wedding ring off more often than you’d like in order to protect it from everyday wear and tear.

The simple way around this is to pick a hard wearing material for the ring. Steel, titanium, platinum zirconia and tungsten are great choices.

And for the Man that Really is too Busy for his Wedding Ring:

Ok, so this one’s a little tongue in cheek, but your future wife will thank us for including these ideas!

Are you the type who’s likely to forget his own anniversary? Whether you’re a tad forgetful or just busy, why not keep a permanent reminder of your special date on your ring? Many couples choose to engrave the date on the inside, but you could also opt for a funky roman numeral design with the date visible to all.

There are even some high-tech rings that are engineered with a micro thermopile to convert heat from the hand into electricity. This then emits heat to your finger for 10 seconds every hour of the day before your anniversary, giving you no opportunity to forget it; we kid you not!

While this last option may seem a little extreme, there are some great options out there for the busy man. As an experienced jeweller in Barkingside, local residents have trusted our advice on the best type of wedding ring for them for over 36 years. Your busy lifestyle doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying your special piece of jewellery.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.