Handmade Wedding Jewellery: Everything you Need to Know!

If you’re considering having a piece of handmade wedding jewellery made, you may have some questions for your jeweller. Having a bespoke piece made for your wedding day, or indeed, a custom wedding or engagement ring designed for you, is undoubtedly a very special thing to do. But it can also be daunting.

It’s true that you do need to be a bit more organised and creative – after all, you can’t just grab a piece over the counter – but don’t be put off by this, as you’ll come out the other side with something so special. For everything you need to know about handmade wedding jewellery, Ilford brides and grooms to be should read on:

1.  Allow Yourself Enough Time

A little forethought and organisation is needed if you would like a handmade piece of wedding jewellery. Whether you’re looking for something significant to wear on your big day, or you want to pop the question with something bespoke, allow yourself enough time to not only have the piece made, but also to gather your ideas beforehand.

As a general rule, a piece of bespoke jewellery normally takes about 4 weeks to make, but this can vary depending on the materials that need to be sourced and how intricate the design is. It’s worth checking with your chosen jeweller how long they think your design will take to make.

2.  Gather your Ideas

Get your ideas together well in advance of approaching your jeweller. This may be a simple process if you know that your piece will contain sentimental significance, and perhaps will include a motif alluding to this.

However, if you’re not sure on your final design, then start by gathering images of the overall look and feel that you want for your big day. The likes of Pinterest make this a very simple task nowadays; create a board, pin lots of ideas to it and then gradually narrow your pins down until you get a style in mind.

3.  Find a Jeweller you can Trust

This is so important, particularly if you’re not sure of how you want your final piece to look. Find a jeweller that you feel both comfortable discussing your ideas with and who you confidently feel will deliver the finished product to the highest of standards.

Once you’ve found your jeweller, you should be able to put your ideas across, and they will talk you through any limitations that your design may have. A good jeweller will be in touch throughout the design and make process, keeping you updated with sketches of the piece and how they’re progressing.

For a trusted producer of handmade wedding jewellery, Ilford customers can turn to EK Jewellers. We’ll happily talk you through the process, from your initial ideas through to how long it will take to make the piece. There’s no need to be daunted; trust us to create something beautiful for your big day.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.