Historically Holistic Jewellery

You may have recently seen in the news the article about the ear piercing which supposedly helps relieve the symptoms of a migraine. There are claims that piercing part of the inner cartilage of the ear – known as a daith piercing – helps to reduce the symptoms that migraine suffers often experience, as it acts as a form of acupuncture.

There’s currently no scientific evidence to back up this claim, and the advice of a medical professional should always be followed first and foremost, but it has got us thinking about the historic holistic properties which have been bestowed on jewellery over the years.

If you like the idea of holistic jewellery, why not visit EK Jewellers? Loughton and Ilford customers will find that we stock many pieces made of these materials and much more besides:


Amber jewellery is often used by mothers to supposedly help relieve teething pain in babies. Whilst there’s no evidence to suggest that it does help, many mothers swear by it. It’s also been used for millions of years by adults, as it is said to help relieve joint and arthritic pain.


Many of us own pieces of silver jewellery, but did you know that many spiritualists believe that it can help hormonal imbalances? As part of this, it’s also said to be beneficial in balancing your physical, emotional and mental self.


Rubies are said to give strength to the wearer, and as such they may help the wearer fight eye infections and various viral infections. It’s also said to help people that have problems with low blood pressure.


Emeralds are thought to boost fertility and general well-being. Their green colour is said to reflect nature and the world around us, which is why it is linked to fertility.

Orange Citrine

These unusually coloured stones are in actual fact orange sapphires which have been produced by heat treatment. If you’re feeling low in stamina or energy, a spiritualist might suggest that you try wearing an orange citrine to perk you up, as it’s the colour of power.


Just like silver jewellery, many of us own gold pieces. Many holistic practitioners believe that it can help treat a variety of blood, neurological, skin and heart disorders, as well as aid autism, dyslexia, epilepsy and scoliosis. It’s also thought to help ‘conduct’ the properties of other gemstones and make them stronger.

Whilst it’s always best to seek the advice of your doctor, it’s certainly interesting to think about the different uses of jewellery within holistic medicine. Whether you’re thinking of trying a piece to aid a certain ailment, or just for fashion purposes, pop into EK Jewellers. When looking for a friendly, experienced Jeweller in Loughton, you’ll find us located conveniently nearby in Hainault.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.