How High Tech a Watch should you Buy?

With the forthcoming launch of the Apple iWatch, and other smartwatches already available, timepieces have been elevated to a whole new level. Wearers are now able to preview text messages, read emails, review social media and even take photos through these highly technological timepieces.

But do we really need to be connected to our gadgets in yet another format? It might well be, that for you, a smartwatch is just one step too far, and all you need is a less technological watch. With this guide from trusted EK Jewellers, Ilford residents can decide just how technological a watch they need:

1.  When will you be wearing the watch?

This is an important question for anyone buying a watch, whether you’re looking for gadgetry or not. If you do invest in a smartwatch, for example, but have to attend lots of business or social functions in a suit, are the two going to go together? As a general rule, digital watches should only be worn with casual attire.

Of course, some smartwatch makers have already thought around this problem and are also producing smarter versions to allow them to be worn with more formal attire. Even so, there are some basic rules to follow:

a)  Silver and black leather straps go best with blacks, greys and blues and should be worn at night time.

b)  Gold and brown or tan leather straps should be worn with warmer colours, such as beiges and browns, and are more of a daytime option.

Whatever your style, when it comes to watches, EK Jewellers’ Ilford customer base can browse a range of analogue and digital watches in store today.

2.  How Sporty are you?

If you’re into the gym, enjoy jogging, diving or other sports, it might be worth investing in a sports watch. Waterproof watches are particularly good for swimmers – although you should always check the depth to which it is waterproof before diving in – and there are lots of other functions available to the sports fanatic.

Sports watches nowadays come with the likes of compasses and GPS technology, blood pressure and pulse monitors, odometers and altimeters and lots more besides, so if you’re looking for something specific, talk your needs through with local jewellers. Ilford residents will be fit and healthy in a second with such gadgets on their wrists!

3.  Do you Love a good Gadget?

Of course, for many men, just the idea of a watch which incorporates more bells and whistles than they could wish for has them drooling in appreciation. If this is the case, and you’re a bit of a tech-head, then by all means go ahead and buy one of the latest watches.

These watches, which may not even be of the generation of the new smartwatches, often include the likes of calendars, sunset and sunrise indicators, astronomical maps and time zone indicators, not to mention the likes of casino-style games! 

If these ideas are something that interest you, speak to EK Jewellers. Ilford residents have been looking to us for the latest in timepiece gadgetry for years, so why not see what you can get out of your timepiece?

Posted on by Ian Tubby.