How to build a Star Jewellery Collection

Whether you’re just starting out in the world of jewellery or have decided to change your style, it’s easy to build a jewellery collection. There are just a few simple rules that you’ll need to follow to create a complete collection.

And where better to start building your collection than with your local jeweller in Ilford, EK Jewellers? Here’s our guide to creating your very own collection.

Start with the Essentials

No matter what your style, there are certain essentials that every girl needs within their wardrobe. These are the building blocks of your collection, so it’s worth spending a little more money on these items. Who knows, they may even end up being family heirlooms one day!

These pieces should include:

  • A classic necklace
  • Simple earrings
  • A cocktail ring

You may wish to keep these items fairly simple so that you can mix and match them with other items within your collection. Any good jeweller in Barkingside or Ilford will be able to help you to pick these pieces to start your collection, and you can then add to them over time.

Mix it up with Statement Jewellery

Once you have the basics in place, it’s time to have some fun with some statement pieces! These pieces can really show off your sense of style, so choose pieces which stand out to you, as they’ll also help your personality to stand out. Feel free to choose colourful, bold pieces.

Remember that you can match your statement jewellery with your foundation pieces, so if possible try to choose items which will either complement or contrast with your collection of essentials.

If you’re unsure on how to mix your essential pieces and your statement jewellery, ask the advice of EK Jewellers; as a trusted jeweller in Ilford we’ve got plenty of experience in making jewellery work for our clientele.

Inject your Personality into the Collection!

Now this is the part that really makes your collection yours! Add pieces which appeal to you; pieces which reflect your personality, perhaps, or just pieces which you find attractive.

You may wish to keep these items relatively inexpensive, as that way you can add jewellery trends to your collection every now and again as they take your fancy.

If you need some ideas of what could work for you EK Jewellers can help. If you’re looking for a trusted jeweller in Barkingside we’re just a stone’s throw away in Hainault, so jewellery lovers can start their collection with us. The most important aspect of injecting your personality into your collection is to have fun with it and do what feels right to you. It is your collection, after all!

Posted on by Ian Tubby.