How to Choose and Wear Jewellery for a Special Event

There’s something so exciting about getting dressed up for a special event. The sense of anticipation as you get dressed up, spritz on some perfume and choose your jewellery just adds to the excitement of the occasion. If you’re not confident choosing and wearing jewellery for a special occasion, it can be difficult to feel comfortable with your jewellery choices. 

But if you’re stood in front of a mirror wondering ‘what kind of jewellery shall I wear?’ fear not; here’s our guide to how to wear special event jewellery:

Date nights and weddings

Weddings tend to be one of the most special occasions that we dress up for, both when we’re part of the bridal party (or perhaps even the couple getting married!) or as a wedding guest. It’s just a question of how to match jewellery with your outfit.

You can go quite bold with wedding guest jewellery, even as the bride, but only if your overall outfit is relatively soft and simple. Statement pieces which have a romantic twist are a good shout; for example, pieces that use lots of floral motifs, pearls and diamonds to give the bold statement a soft edge.

Of course, if you don’t want to go bold for the occasion of a wedding, you can always go in the opposite direction and opt for something dainty. A single pearl or a single diamond pendant on a delicate chain is often all the jewellery you need, whilst letting the rest of your outfit do the talking.

And don’t just confine romantic jewellery to weddings; we say, dress up for date night, too! A flirty dress won’t look out of place with a beautifully romantic statement piece. Similarly, anything that frames the face, such as delicate drop earrings, will work well to set the romantic scene on a date night.

Special business events

There are several different work occasions to wear jewellery to: every day working events such as when meeting clients or networking, and then there’s awards ceremony jewellery. In both of these instances, you want to aim for a sophisticated look. Choose simple but elegant jewellery which doesn’t look over the top. We’d also suggest either keeping your jewellery to a neutral colour – such as a diamond or pearl, for example – or matching any gemstone pieces to your outfit to keep it understated.

Celebrating with the girls

If ever there’s a time to break the jewellery rules and try something playful with your jewellery, it’s those special occasions when you’re celebrating with the girls. Crack out the costume jewellery or the statement pieces and have a little fun. Now is the time to try something out and see how you feel about it and whether it works. If it does, then you’ve got a great new look to wear again. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t matter, you tried it and had fun!

Party jewellery

If you have a formal party to go to, you might be wondering what type of jewellery to wear with your outfit. Strings of pearls are always a good choice of party jewellery as they’re classic and contemporary all in one.

Alternatively, if you want to go statement with your special occasion jewellery, then a party is the place to do so. Wear a simple little black dress and jazz it up with a statement piece. Just be sure to wear no more than two pieces of statement jewellery for special occasions, as this can detract from your look.

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Posted on by Ian Tubby.