How to Choose Jewellery for the Travel Lover in your Life

Travel inspires so much of our lives. It sparks knowledge, gives us plenty of joy, and let’s face it, we spend a big chunk of our lives looking forward to our next holiday. So why not immortalise that holiday feeling and carry the memories of your travels around in jewellery format? Jewellers Ilford wide stock a great range of travel inspired pieces, or can create a bespoke piece for you.

Special Places

If you want to remember a special place - for example, where you got engaged or married, or the destination of your first holiday as a family - why not have a piece engraved with the coordinates of your travels?

This could be something as simple as a long pendant with the coordinates on, or a bracelet with them stamped on the band. Your local jeweller in Ilford will be able to engrave pieces on site for you.

All Mapped Out

Of course, you could remember your special places in map format. Jewellery which incorporates the outline of a special country is popular at the moment, either in a hollow, wire pendant, or perhaps as a solid silhouette for something like cufflinks.

We also love map of the world jewellery. For something a little different, how about a pair of wedding rings which when stacked one on top of the other create a complete map? After all, your other half is likely to be your whole world!

Geographical Features

If you don’t want your jewellery to have such an obvious nod to your travels, why not incorporate geographical features? This could be a piece such as a ring with the route of a river going through it, jewellery with a seaside theme or perhaps a rocky stone set within a ring to look like a mountain range.

Safe Travels

Remember that jewellery also makes the perfect bon voyage gift for a loved one as it’s so portable! If you want to give a gift to someone who is off on their travels, then a traditional St. Christopher is a lovely present. As the patron saint of travel, St. Christopher is said to keep those who are on a journey safe.

Alternatively, turquoise is also said to be a traveller’s companion and a good protector, so why not ask your jeweller in Ilford about any pieces they may have in stock which include turquoise? It’s a modern yet quite bohemian take on traveller’s jewellery, and therefore makes a great gift for young people going on a gap year, for example.

However you want to remember your travels, or wish someone well on their travels, you can find inspiration at E.K. Jewellers. Ilford based customers who are jetting off on their holidays, or just want to remember good times had exploring in the past, pop in and see how we can help you to immortalise your holiday experiences.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.