How to Choose the Right Size Jewellery

Part of getting your overall look right is selecting the correct jewellery to go with your outfit. This means not only selecting the right sized piece to complement the clothes you’re wearing, but also choosing a good fit size-wise for you personally.

There are several things you should think about when selecting jewellery, both in terms of style and also in terms of fit. As experienced jewellers Ilford based customers have been asking us to complement their look for years. Therefore, here are our hints and tips for choosing the right sized jewellery:

Measuring for Bracelets

There are two ways that you can measure your wrist for bracelets. These are as follows:

  1. Using a soft tape measure, wrap it snugly around your wrist. Then add some comfort allowance (this is usually up to 2cms, depending on personal preference).
  2. Alternatively, use a piece of string or paper and wrap this around your wrist. Take it off, and measure how long it is. Again, add some comfort allowance, as per the tape measure method.

If you’re unsure of how much comfort allowance you should go for, take your wrist measurement to your local jeweller and ask for their advice.

Choosing a Necklace Length

Choosing a length for a necklace is much more about personal preference than bracelet size. It really depends on what you plan on wearing your necklace with, and where you plan on wearing it. As standard, necklace lengths tend to be:

  • 30 – 40cms: Choker length. This sits snug to the neck, but under a shirt collar.
  • 40 – 45cms: Princess or pendant length. As the pendant name suggests, sits at collarbone when a pendant is attached.
  • 50 – 62cms: Matinee length. A few inches below the collarbone.
  • 70 – 85cms: Opera length. At or just below the bust-line.
  • 80 – 90cms: Nametag length. A long necklace which hangs below the bust-line.

If you’re having something custom made, think about when you will most likely wear it, and choose the length of chain accordingly. It may be that if you’re having a pendant made, your local jeweller can create it in such a way that you can remove it from one chain and add it to one of a different length, so that it can be worn with different outfits and on different occasions.

For readymade pieces, we’d always advise having several different pieces in different sizes so that you have a complete wardrobe of necklace lengths which you can mix and match with your outfits as required.

Choosing a Ring Size

When it comes to a ring size, it’s always best to have your ring finger measured. You could go by another ring that you already have, but this depends on whether your new ring will be worn on the same finger, and also whether the ring you currently have is a satisfactory fit.

Rather than using guesswork, pop along to your local jewellers to have your ring finger measured. For all jewellery size requirements, E.K. Jewellers Ilford is happy to help and provide advice as required. Come in and talk to us about your jewellery needs, and get the measure of your jewellery right first time.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.