How to do His and Hers Wedding Rings

A wedding is a union of two perfect people. OK, this may be a bit slushy, but it is a very special event when your love for each other will be sealed in front of all your family and friends.

Most of us exchange rings during our nuptials, but have you had any thoughts about what you want your rings to represent? If you’re looking for your rings to reflect your union, there are certain ways that you can do this.

With this in mind, here is our guide to his and hers wedding jewellery, especially for EK Jewellers’ Ilford customers:

Simple and Elegant

The classic way to do his and hers wedding bands is to just opt for something plain, simple and elegant. The traditional wedding ring is a simple gold, white gold or platinum band, without any adorning stones or patterns.

Brides, if you’re in love with your engagement ring, this also has another added benefit: a simple band shows off a more elaborate engagement ring to its best advantage, allowing it to continue to shine after your big day!

Patterned Perfection

If you don’t want something which is too plain, matching patterns are a more interesting way of wearing his and hers wedding rings.

We’ve seen lots of different designs, from rings with a pattern similar to tree bark (perfect if you’re an outdoorsy couple!), to those featuring Celtic knot designs, and even those that are two halves of a heart which when joined together form a whole!

Remember that here at EK Jewellers, Ilford couples can have bespoke rings made for them, so whatever pattern you have in mind, this can be recreated in precious metal.

Chic Stones

Every girl loves a diamond, but many a man loves a bit of bling too! If your groom wants something a bit sparkly on their finger, then why not have matching wedding rings with precious stone inclusions made?

Most couples opt for the bride’s ring to be slightly more sparkly than the groom’s, but there are no rules, so do whatever takes your fancy!

Hidden Engravings

Of course, if you can’t agree on matching rings and opt for different designs, there is still a way that you can unite your wedding bands forever: through a simple engraving.

You can have anything you like engraved on the inside of your wedding band, from your initials, to your wedding anniversary, a special message or even your finger print!

Whatever your ideas may be, EK Jewellers’ Ilford customers can bring their matching wedding bands to life through our range of in-stock and bespoke wedding rings. Speak to us about your ideal rings, and we’ll help bring your his and hers wedding bands to life.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.