How to Extend the Life of your Watch

Just like most pieces of jewellery, your watch is likely to be a sentimental and monetary investment. So many people end up chucking their old watches in drawers, where they languish unloved and unworn for years to come, because they don’t know that a bit of simple maintenance can extend the life of their watch.

As part of that maintenance, why not have your watch serviced by EK Jewellers? Barkingside residents can ensure that they have years of precision and accuracy ahead of them with the help of our expertise, and by following the below guide to extending the life of your watch:

Avoid Everyday Wear and Tear

It may sound simple, but straightforward common sense can work wonders in extending your watch’s life. For example, make sure that you always take it off before sports or physical labour to avoid scratching, and of course, don’t wear it in the bath!

Some everyday wear and tear is understandably avoidable, and your watch will naturally be exposed to the elements every time you wear it. Having your watch professionally cleaned can help with the build up of dust and grime to keep your watch looking its best.

Have your Watch Serviced Regularly

By taking your watch to an experienced Barkingside Jeweller for a regular service, you’ll keep the moving parts working at their best. A service will consist of cleaning and lubrication of the mechanism, and you may also want to change the battery at the same time. Don’t try to change the battery yourself as you will risk damaging the casing!

Remember that you should change a quartz watch battery as soon as it stops working, or when it gives you the ‘two second warning’ (when the second hands starts to move two seconds at a time), otherwise you risk it leaking and damaging the movement.

Treat Waterproof and Water Resistant Watches Carefully!

Never assume that your watch is waterproof: if it is, it’ll say so on the box! Similarly, water resistant watches are not completely waterproof and only resist water to a certain degree, so you shouldn’t submerge them in water.

Completely waterproof watches will be marked as such, and will have a special rubber seal to make them hardy against liquids. It’s wise to have this seal checked from time to time.

If you do get water within the face of your watch, don’t despair. Wipe down the watch straight away to remove excess moisture, then take it to be checked over, and potentially fixed, by an experienced jeweller.

Watch Strap Maintenance

Whether your watch strap is leather or metal, exposure to water and the likes of perfume or cologne can leave it weakened and discoloured.

Be careful to always take your watch off before washing up, and make sure scent is completely dry before putting your watch on. You should also take care not to wear a watch with a leather strap in extreme temperatures.

If worst comes to worst, you can have the strap replaced. Here at EK Jewellers, we stock a wide range of different straps to suit every style of watch, so don’t discount a new strap. As your experienced jeweller in Barkingside, we have plenty of tricks up our sleeve to prolong the life of your watch!

Posted on by Ian Tubby.