How to Gift a Watch This Christmas

If you’re thinking about a special jewellery gift this Christmas, have you considered a watch? When it comes to unusual gifts for him or her, watches are always a good idea: they are the perfect combination between practical, sentimental and beautiful. Here’s how to gift a watch for Christmas as well as a few ideas for gifts for watch lovers in 2021.

Is a watch a good Christmas gift?

Watches are a great piece of jewellery to give for any occasion, especially Christmas. Here are just a few reasons why we love watch themed gifts for Christmas:

1.  They’re sentimental: Gifting a watch at any time will always remind the recipient of the occasion they received it. Why not gift a watch for a special Christmas, therefore? Maybe to your husband on your first Christmas after getting married, or to your wife on the occasion of your baby’s first Christmas?

2.  They can be engraved: Having the back of the watch face engraved with a special message creates a really sentimental Christmas gift.

3.  There are plenty of styles available: This makes them suitable for all styles and all budgets.

4.  They can be collectable: Watches are collectable, and many a watch lover likes to have more than one type of watch, ready to suit any occasion.

These are just a few of the reasons why watches make such great Christmas gifts, so whether you’re looking for quirky gifts for her, or unusual gifts for him, a watch could be an excellent choice.

How to give watch gifts for him

When it comes to watch gifts for him, have you looked through a men’s Christmas watches guide? Doing so can certainly give you ideas, however, we would always recommend visiting your local jeweller to actually purchase your watch themed gifts.

This will allow you to not only view the watches in person, but also gain the expertise of the jeweller themselves, who will be able to impart their knowledge on the various timepieces and help you to choose something which suits their style.

If you are giving for a man who has a watch collection, then try to ascertain what style and type of watches he already has. That way, you can work with your jeweller to fill the gap in their watch wardrobe, yet match their style perfectly.

How to give watch gifts for her

Just as with watch gifts for him, when buying a watch gift for the ladies in your life, ask your local jeweller to help you to choose a suitable style. Many women like to receive a sentimental gift at Christmas, so if you are buying a watch to celebrate a special Christmas, then speak to your jeweller about having the back of the watch face engraved.

How to give heirloom watches

Whether you’re buying a second hand watch to gift at Christmas, or would like an heirloom timepiece brought back to life as a Christmas gift, your local jeweller will often be able to help.

Some local jewellers will stock heirloom and antique watches, others will be able to help you to restore an antique watch. New watch batteries and watch bands can be purchased at your local jewellery shop, too, and your jeweller will often be able to repair and service an antique watch so that you can gift it to someone special at Christmas. This makes for a really special and unique Christmas gift.

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Posted on by Ian Tubby.