How to Give a Nod to Nature with Beautiful Jewellery

There’s a reason that many jewellery designers are inspired by nature: Mother Nature captures beauty like no one else. And so, if nature can be immortalised in jewellery, then it makes for one beautiful piece. Looking for inspiration for natural pieces of jewellery? Look no further than your jeweller in Hainault!

The Birds

The fact that birds are such beautiful creatures naturally makes them translate onto jewellery extremely well. We love delicate pieces such as two or three tiny birds sat on the branch of a necklace, or a little birdy perched on the hoop of an earring.

Birds often have significance for many people. For example, many believe that robins are the spirit of loved ones passed, or you may want to gift a piece with a pair of love birds to someone special. For something like this, although there are many ready-made pieces available, you might want to have a piece custom made to your specifications. E.K. Jewellers, Hainault, can help with this, as we regularly create bespoke jewellery exactly to our clients’ specifications.

The Bees

Bees are huge at the moment (as a motif, not, thankfully, in real life; that would be scary!). And if you’d like to get behind the buzz of the bee trend, then take a trip to your local jewellers. Jewellers Hainault wide will have a variety of ready-made bee pieces available, as bees are so fashionable at the moment.

The most popular piece of bee inspired jewellery is a simple a singular bee design with its wings spread wide on either side, but you will often also find honeycomb style cuff bracelets, or flower pendants in one colour metal, with a tiny bee sat on them in a different colour metal.

All Creatures Great and Small

It’s not just winged creatures that might make their way onto your jewellery this season: the tiniest of creatures have also been spotted on beautiful pieces of jewellery. How about a cute little field mouse, curling its way around a necklace chain? Or a tiny hedgehog or frog on a charm bracelet? Whatever creature tickles your fancy, you can have it added to a beautiful, nature-inspired piece of jewellery!

Flora and Fauna

Let’s not forget the flora and fauna designs that can create stunning pieces of jewellery. For something delicate and unusual, choose a dandelion inspired pendant, with its tiny fairy strands starting to take flight, giving the piece some movement. Alternatively, imagine a gorgeous fern, curling its way up your ear as an ear vine earring. Whatever you’d like recreated from nature, your local jeweller in Hainault can beautifully immortalise in jewellery.

If you’re looking for a piece of jewellery which has taken its inspiration from the great outdoors, visit E.K. Jewellers. We stock a wide range of pieces, such as those from the Kit Heath range, featuring bumblebees, leaves and flowers, among other pieces. We can also custom create pieces on site, bespoke to your requirements. After all, we love beautiful jewellery, naturally…

Posted on by Ian Tubby.