How to Invest in Jewellery

There has always been some debate as to whether jewellery is a good investment buy or not. The market for precious metals and stones will always fluctuate, after all, and fashions will come and go, but if you buy something which you first and foremost find aesthetically pleasing and want to wear, the investment should come second.

If you’d like to invest in a piece of jewellery which will not only be a prized possession within your jewellery collection but could also stand the test of time as an investment, you won’t go far wrong than with a trip to a local jeweller in Chigwell, Hainault or nearby for good, independent advice.

Following Fashions

As already mentioned, you should always buy something that you want to wear above any thoughts of an investment.

Having said that, you do need to bear in mind that fashions will change, and it’s therefore a good idea to either buy classic pieces as investment pieces – such as traditional strings of pearls, which have seen a huge resurgence in recent years – or be prepared to wait until fashions come round again to make your money.

Remember that part of the investment will require keeping your pieces in tip top condition, so if you do buy that aforementioned string of pearls, keep the string intact with the pearl restringing service at EK Jewellers. In Chigwell, Woodford, Barkingside and Ilford, customers often make the short journey over to our Hainault shop for advice on keeping their jewellery looking its best.

Designer Tastes

Buying limited edition designer pieces of jewellery as an investment can be a risky business, as these pieces will very much be subject to fashion trends in years to come.

A far better strategy is to buy pieces by an up and coming designer at a much more affordable price, as if the designer takes off, your early piece of their work could be worth a fortune.

Visiting an independent jeweller in Chigwell or surrounds is always a good way of keeping an eye on up and coming jewellery designers, as they will often stock more unusual designers than high street chains.

Investing in Time

Watches tend to hold their value more than traditional jewellery, perhaps because they are less subject to changes in fashion. You can either buy a luxury watch from new which will hopefully reap rewards on the valuation front in years to come, or buy vintage, which could mean that your timepiece already contains some equity.

The Importance of a Good Valuation

Remember that when you invest in jewellery, it’s important to have any expensive pieces properly insured. For this, you’ll need a professional valuation which your insurers will then log on file should your precious piece become lost or stolen and need replacing.

You can trust in a valuation from EK Jewellers. Chigwell, Barkingside and Loughton and even Gidea Park residents often travel the short distance to our friendly shop in Hainault to have their pieces valued on site. From here you can rest assured that the insurance you take out will fully cover you should the worst happen, so if you want to invest in jewellery, feel free to ask us for advice.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.