How to keep your Jewellery Safe Whilst Travelling

Our holidays are one of the times when we really want to look our best. A major part of our holiday wardrobe is therefore our jewellery collection. But how can we travel with these items that are really precious to us and yet still keep them safe?

Well, there are certain tips and tricks that you might want to try. And to be on the safe side, have your jewellery valued by a trusted jeweller in Hainault so that you can ensure that your insurance is up to date.

Invest in a Jewellery Travel Case

The most obvious way to transport your jewellery is to invest in a specific jewellery travel case, and always use that. You can get either small, flat zip-up cases, or jewellery rolls, which, as the name suggests, roll into a cylindrical shape.

They have specific compartments and areas for bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings, and they allow you to transport your precious items without them getting tangled or separated.

Homemade Jewellery Travel Tips

If you don’t want to invest in a specific jewellery travel case, or you don’t have the time to buy one before your trip, there are a few homemade jewellery hacks which might help in the interim. For example:

  • Place rings and brooches in small tins if possible, for example in mint or sweet tins.
  • Use individual zip lock bags to transport the likes of bracelets.
  • Thread thin necklace chains through a drinking straw to ensure that they do not get tangled during transit.
  • Thread pairs of earrings through buttons to keep pairs together.
  • Rings, earrings and other small pieces of jewellery also travel well in pill boxes designed to store a week’s worth of medicine.

Although these ideas are not ideal, they may well see you through until you are able to buy a specific jewellery travel case. Remember that many a local jeweller in Hainault, Ilford and Woodford will sell this sort of specific jewellery travel case as part of their giftware range.

Ensure that Adequate Insurance is in Place

Of course, the best piece of advice that we could give you is to ensure that you’ve always got adequate insurance in place for your jewellery, regardless of whether you’re travelling or not.

Take any high value pieces that you are planning on taking away with you (such as your bridal jewellery, if you’re having a destination wedding) to your local jeweller. In Hainault, holidaymakers can visit EK Jewellers for this service. Your jeweller will then value the pieces and give you the correct documentation that you’ll need to adequately insure it ready for travel.

Although this isn’t ideal, as you’d never want to have to replace sentimental pieces, at least if the worst does happen and your jewellery is lost or stolen, you’ll at least be able to claim on your insurance policy.

If you do need the correct documentation for insurance purposes, visit EK Jewellers. We’ll value your pieces on site, as well as photograph it ready for you to insure. You can then go off on your holiday with peace of mind. Happy travels, jewellery lovers!

Posted on by Ian Tubby.