How to Reflect Your Personality Through Your Jewellery

One of the reasons that we love jewellery so much is that it’s an extension of our personality. It not only brightens up an outfit, but it also showcases our spirit and our identity. So if you’ve ever wondered about taking part in a jewellery personality quiz, here are just a few ways in which you can use jewellery to reflect your personality:

How does jewellery show your personality?

Your jewellery can instantly reflect who you are. Just as certain outfits can give a certain first impression, so can your jewellery as part of that outfit. We unwittingly choose pieces which match our style, and our style often reflects who we are.

Our jewellery choices also show the more unique parts of our personality. We all want to express who we are, and our jewellery can reflect not only our personality, but it can also display our beliefs, our hobbies and our the favourite aspects of our lives that we want to showcase to others.

What is the psychology of wearing jewellery?

Psychologically, jewellery has been worn for hundreds of years as a way to showcase wealth and status. Nowadays, although jewellery can still be used to showcase these aspects of our life, jewellery is often worn as a way to brighten our moods as much as our outfits.

Jewellery can be empowering, it can make a bog standard outfit stand out which can give us confidence, and it can showcase our personality in subtle ways. It can also often be a talking point, which is great if you need to break the ice with people you don’t know!

What does my jewellery show about my personality?

Of course, the jewellery we choose to wear won’t always reflect who we are or what we feel on any given day, but as a general rule, we do tend to opt for pieces which mirror certain aspects of our personality. So, for example:

·  If you love fun and funky costume jewellery, then it’s likely that your personality will be bubbly, outgoing and fun loving. Big statement necklaces and cocktail rings are not for the faint hearted, and so you need to be fairly confident to wear this type of jewellery.

·  If you like boho jewellery, you’ll probably have a free spirited nature, and also like the unique things in life. Handmade jewellery will be a great choice for your personality.

·  Matching jewellery and colour coordinated jewellery is often a sign of a highly organised personality. Many business professionals wear colour coordinated pieces because they have a sophisticated feel about them which show potential clients that they know their stuff.

·  Antique jewellery lovers tend to like pieces that have a story behind them and prefer unique pieces which have history. They care less about trends and appearances than other people because they’d rather have pieces with sentiment behind them.

These are just a few ways in which your jewellery can showcase your personality. There are plenty of other ways in which your jewellery can reflect who you are. And of course, who you are may change on any given day!

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Posted on by Ian Tubby.