How to Strike Versatility into your Jewellery Collection

Everyone knows that jewellery can change the look and feel of any outfit. But have you ever thought about specific jewellery pieces which are versatile within themselves? Certain items of jewellery are excellent for wearing in different ways, which means that they are even better at jazzing up different looks.

Here at EK Jewellers, Ilford jewellery lovers have always had a wide range of pieces to choose from. But why choose a piece that can only be worn one way? Here are our favourite ideas for wearing jewellery in different ways:

Rings Worn Several Ways

Rings have always been a favourite accessory of EK Jewellers’ Ilford customers, but have you thought about the different ways that they can be worn?

Stacking rings are extremely fashionable at the moment, so this would be our first suggestion: don’t just wear one ring at a time, but instead wear several together, on the same finger! They don’t have to match exactly either; sometimes contrasting metals and stones can look quite beautiful, so if you feel like wearing rose gold and silver together, go for it!

Alternatively, why not wear a ring as a pendant on a chain, or on a charm bracelet? This is a good idea if you’ve inherited a ring, for example, which is too big or small for you, as you can still wear it without the need for resizing.

Necklaces New Ways

We’ve seen a trend towards versatile necklaces of late. By this we mean necklaces which can be added to, for example with additional pendants or an extension chain so that you can wear them either long or short.

You could opt for a bespoke necklace designed to have pendants, or even an additional ‘layer’ of beads, added to it to create a bold statement piece. If you’d like something this versatile, why not speak to EK Jewellers, your trusted jeweller in Ilford?

Don’t forget that you can also wear necklaces wrapped around your wrist as a bracelet too for a twist on the traditional necklace / bracelet placement.

The Best Versatile Brooches

Brooches are probably the most versatile piece of jewellery of all. They’re no longer the preserve of old ladies’ lapels, and instead they can be worn in several ways to jazz up all sorts of outfits.

For example, you could wear your brooch in the traditional way on a lapel, but who says it has to be on a smart jacket? A brooch will just as equally give a denim jacket an edge as it will a smart black tailored jacket.

Or how about wearing your brooch on a hat or even in place of cufflinks on a blouse? Or perhaps on a clutch bag? And don’t just stop there, brooches can be worn on shoes, hairbands, jeans, shirts and pretty much anywhere else you can think of!

Jewellery really is the most versatile way that you can jazz up any outfit, and by buying a piece which can be worn in more than one way, you’ll have plenty of options available to you. For the most versatile pieces of jewellery, ask the expertise of your jeweller in Ilford, EK Jewellers. Our pieces could add the spice of versatility to your wardrobe!

Posted on by Ian Tubby.