How to Wear Pearls for any Occasion

Pearl jewellery has taken trends by storm in recent years. From long rope and opera length necklaces, through to dainty wedding day jewellery, pearls really are one of the most versatile stones around.

If you’re not sure how to wear pearls, be reassured that it’s very difficult to go wrong. Dressed up or down, they look great, although there are certain tips and tricks for elevating your pearls to another, more classy, sophisticated, sometimes fun and always fantastic level entirely.

As a trusted jeweller in Barkingside, here are our top tips for wearing pearls for any occasion:

The Business Pearl

Pearls are great for your business wardrobe, and are probably a better choice than diamonds as they are more modest. You don’t want your jewellery to detract from your business, so they work well as an understated accessory.

Choose just one piece of jewellery to focus on, such as a pearl necklace, and stick to it. Similarly, for business wear, just one strand of pearls works best as it won’t detract from your work, and if you opt for a bracelet, make sure it doesn’t impede you as you type or write!

The Casual Pearl

Most people think that pearls cannot be worn casually. Not so, we say! With dark blue jeans, and a crisp white shirt, bold, oversized pearls look fantastic. Similarly, layering pearls over a funky band t-shirt gives a rocky edge to this otherwise classic piece of jewellery.

The knotted pearl necklace is also a great casual use of pearls, but we would recommend using faux pearls for this look, particularly as knotting any type of necklace weakens the string of the necklace. If you need your pearls restrung, remember that we are an experienced jeweller in Barkingside that carries out pearl restringing on the premises.

The Formal Pearl

Of course, the formal pearl is the classic pearl. A little black dress, some killer heels and a string of pearls at your throat or dangling from your ears, and you’re all set. Similarly, a pearl pendant looks stunning in a formal setting, so ask your jeweller in Barkingside about this look.

The Wedding Day Pearl

You really can’t go wrong with pearls on your wedding day: from pearl pins in your hair, through to a simple pearl pendent or necklace, or even the fun of jazzing up your wedding day look with layers of pearls for a contemporary twist – perfect if you want to change your look from day to evening – anything goes.

The Unusual Pearl

The great thing about pearls is that they really can offer a different angle to just about any outfit. If you’re wearing a backless or low-backed dress, for example, how about a long back necklace with a pearl drop? Or for a plain outfit, a pearl choker layered over a diamond choker for a mix and match look?

You really can have fun with your pearl jewellery. Here at EK Jewellers, as a jeweller in Barkingside with over 30 years worth of experience, we have seen every pearl look possible, so don’t be afraid to ask. Pearls shouldn’t just be kept for certain outings; set your pearls free!

Posted on by Ian Tubby.