How to Wear the Stacking Jewellery Trend

Sometimes, it has to be said, less is not more. This is certainly true with the recent trend of stacking jewellery. If you want to make a statement, then stacking your jewellery is the way to go! It’s also a great way of adding to your existing collection and wearing pieces that you already love, all at the same time.

If you like the boho, relaxed, layered look, then you’ll find a range of suitable jewellery at your local jeweller in Loughton, EK Jewellers. Here are our top picks for getting the stacked look right, with a few unusual twists thrown in:

Stacked Rings

Many of the top jewellers are rocking the stacked ring trend at the moment. This look works best if you use a variety of rings in a range of very small, delicate designs.

For example, twin patterned bands of less than 3mm or 4mm width with a band encrusted in stones, and perhaps even add one more ring with just one tiny stone in its design.

You can either keep this look simple and wear rings of the same colour or metal, or how about really mixing it up and teaming silver, yellow gold and rose gold all on the same finger?

Bold Bangles

Bangles are great for the stacked look, and make a real statement. You can create a real chilled out, festival type vibe to wear with maxi dresses or a laid back shorts and cute vest look. We love teaming multi-coloured wide bangles together to create this look.

Alternatively, how about layering leather friendship style bracelets together? Kit Heath has a range of friendship type bracelets, perfect for this look, which are available at EK Jewellers.

Stacked Pendants

Of course, long layered necklaces have been around for a while, but the modern way of stacking necklaces is to wear pendant necklaces of a similar theme together.

For example, opt for a nautical theme: wear necklaces of different lengths with pendants such as anchors and shells attached, all in the same colour. We particularly like yellow gold for this theme, as it is a warm colour that stands out against clothing, but feel free to go with whatever colours work for you.

We would say that with this look, gone are the days of large, bold pendants, and instead this is one instance where less is more: wear two or three necklaces, by all means, but make sure the pendants are small and won’t overwhelm your overall look.

If you’re feeling the need to add to your collection of bracelets, rings or necklaces to enable you to create the stacked look, then look no further than EK Jewellers. Loughton customers will find everything they need to pull off this look with aplomb!

Posted on by Ian Tubby.