Jewellery for the Journey of Life

A life will take many twists and turns over its course. People will come and go, and times will change. The good moments are all too fleeting, and before we know it, our life has moved on to the next stage.

Wouldn’t it be lovely, therefore, if we could have a memento of these times? A little something that makes us smile when we look at it? Well, a piece from your local jeweller in Ilford is an excellent way to commemorate all of life’s special moments.

Jewellery for: Long Distance Friendships

Friendships should always be celebrated. But when a friendship survives being separated by distance? That’s even more special.

Why not celebrate a long distance friendship with matching jewellery? Yes, we know this sounds a little bit ‘Forever Friends’ reminiscent of your teenage years, but matching friendship jewellery has come a long way. Have something elegant made to celebrate the bond you have, no matter where in the world you are.

How about something with a travel motif, like a globe or a plane charm for a charm bracelet? Or perhaps something to celebrate your journey? Jewellers Ilford wide experienced in custom pieces can create something which has free-moving gemstones incorporated into it to show the movement of your friendship, for example.

Jewellery for: Motherhood

Whether you’re looking to celebrate your milestones as a mother, or are looking to purchase something for a special daughter, jewellery is an excellent way to commemorate motherhood.

You may have heard of feeding pendants, but don’t think you need to be restricted to these as a new mum. What about handprint or footprint jewellery, for example? Or jewellery with special dates on it? You can also have charms made to celebrate childhood milestones such as first tooth, first steps, or first day at school.

Alternatively, if you want to give a gift to a special daughter, why not have something made which is personal to your relationship? Speak to your local jeweller in Ilford to discuss your design wishes.

Jewellery for: Work Success

Work successes are a huge achievement, so why not celebrate with custom made jewellery? For example, cufflinks for doctors with medical symbols on, or educational symbols for teachers. Such jewellery also makes excellent gifts when you want to give someone something to celebrate their career success.

Jewellery for: Good Health

Without good health, everything else in life becomes difficult. So if you overcome a difficult patch health-wise, why not remind yourself how strong you’ve been?

People that suffer from a chronic illness often have to be strong throughout their everyday life, something which may be easier said than done. Those suffering from Chronic Pain are sometimes referred to as ‘spoonies’, so why not have a custom spoon shaped charm made to remind you that you that you are braver than you may be feeling?

Other health celebration ideas could include a heart pendant, a crossed ribbon pendant (decorated with the gemstone colours as appropriate to your illness) or perhaps a butterfly.

No matter where your life’s journey takes you, celebrate it. EK Jewellers Ilford have a great deal of experience in custom made pieces. Feel free to pop in and start your next jewellery journey.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.