Jewellery Remodelling Etiquette

As a trusted jeweller in Ilford, we are forever seeing the juxtaposition our customers have between head and heart when it comes to remodelling heirloom pieces of jewellery. A client may have inherited a special piece, or have been given an heirloom engagement ring, only to love the sentiment but not be keen on the style of the jewellery.

It can be really difficult if you’ve been given a piece that isn’t your style; after all, you don’t want to seem ungrateful, but what’s the point in having some beautiful gemstones that you simply won’t wear?

Although it can be a difficult step, jewellery remodelling really is the best way forward, and if done with a certain amount of etiquette, your heart - and the heart of those that have given you the piece - can be just as happy as your head.

Approval of the Jewellery Giver

The first step in jewellery remodelling etiquette is to always seek the approval of the original owner, or the person that gave you the piece.

Although you won’t want to hurt their feelings by saying that you’d rather have the jewellery made into something that’s more your style, it is much less hurtful to approach the jewellery giver in an honest manner than to either go ahead without their approval or simply never wear the piece.

Ask the person that gave you the piece if they wouldn’t mind you having the jewellery remodelled; tell them that you will do so in a sensitive manner and only with their full approval, and that you’ll use a trusted jeweller whereby restorations and remodelling are carried out on site.

Once you’ve got over this hurdle, you’ll feel much better about reconstructing something that you love out of an already much-loved piece.

Work with your Jeweller

The next step in making yourself and the person that gave you the piece feel comfortable with remodelling is working closely with your jeweller. A good jeweller will always take into account your ideas, but will be honest about what will and won’t work well with the materials that you have.

They will also sketch out different designs and involve you in all parts of the decision making process so that you feel comfortable with the big step of remodelling something that has always been treasured.

Make sure you are Comfortable with the Remodel

Lastly, before you give the final go ahead to your jeweller, make sure that you and the original owner or the person that gave you the piece truly are comfortable with the remodel.

It’s a big – and often upsetting – step to take apart a beautiful piece to make something different. Be honest with each other, and your jeweller, to make sure that you’re all on the same page.

Once you’ve decided that you are definitely comfortable with going ahead, feel free to bring your piece to EK Jewellers, Ilford. We have over 36 years’ worth of experience in jewellery remodelling, and we’ll sensitively redesign your piece into something that you love.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.