Jewellery Repairs: Ilford Based Jewellers Will Keep Your Pieces Safe

How often have you looked at a favourite piece of jewellery which has seen better days, wished that you could have it repaired, but have been too afraid to give it to a high street jeweller because of the risk of it becoming lost? Many of us shy away from jewellery repairs simply because our pieces are too sentimental to hand over.

But for jewellery repairs in Ilford, you can rest assured that your pieces will be in safe hands. By engaging EK Jewellers, you can guarantee that your precious pieces will be repaired on site so there’s no risk of them going astray mid-transit.

What type of jewellery repairs can be carried out on site?

You may think that if you have a broken chain or a ring with a loose stone, there’s little that can bring it back to life. You’ll be surprised to find out therefore that most pieces of broken jewellery can be fixed successfully.

When we carry out jewellery repairs on the premises broken chains can be fixed, watch straps replaced and stones can be reset on site. Don’t forget that you can also have the rhodium plating replenished on white gold jewellery, and pearls can be restrung. All services we offer here at EK Jewellers.

Why should I be wary of jewellery repairs carried out offsite?

Many high street jewellery chains offer jewellery repairs, but you’ll often find that your pieces, which hold so many memories and much sentimental value, are sent away to off-site premises to be repaired. This carries the risk of your jewellery being lost in transit, especially if pieces are posted.

Furthermore, sending pieces away often means you’re parted from your jewels for days, or maybe even weeks. That’s a long time to be separated from something which means so much to you, especially if it’s a piece that you wear daily, such as a wedding or engagement ring.

What are the benefits of jewellery repairs on the premises?

For jewellery repairs on the premises, Ilford residents can trust in the services of EK Jewellers, as pieces will always be repaired on site. There’s no risk of them being lost, and we offer a swift turnaround. 

So if you are looking for someone to undertake jewellery repairs Ilford-wide, come in and see us here at the shop in Hainault. We’ll make sure your sentimental pieces of jewellery are in safe hands and will have them looking as good as new in no time.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.