Jewellery Repairs: Restore and Adore this Valentine’s Day!

Jewellery should be worn, not left broken and unloved in a jewellery box somewhere. And if you have someone you love and some jewellery which you love, but which is currently broken and unloved, then let’s make this the Valentine’s Day that we do something about it!

Here at E.K. Jewellers, we carry out jewellery repairs Ilford wide and beyond, and the ones that we love best are the ones with loved ones in mind!

Restore and Adore a Watch

Watch restorations are among our most popular jewellery repairs. There’s something so special about giving an heirloom watch to someone, so it’s easy to see why it’s a popular repair. This Valentine’s Day, if you have a watch you wish to give to someone but which needs a little TLC first, pop into your local jeweller in Ilford to have it repaired. You may even wish to have it engraved with a special message before you gift it!

Alternatively, you could buy a vintage watch to give to your loved one, especially if you know that they are a fan of a particular era, or perhaps have one of their own watches restored for them as a surprise.

Restore and Adore an Outdated Piece

Quite naturally, our tastes change over time. Your loved one may have a piece of jewellery that they once loved and wore all the time, perhaps bought by you and therefore full of sentiment, but which is no longer fashionable. If this is the case, then why not have that piece remodelled into a new piece of jewellery this Valentine’s Day?

A local jeweller will be able to adapt a piece which has fallen out of fashion into a beautiful new piece of jewellery. This could include remodelling it – for example, a brooch into a necklace – changing the stones or the stones’ settings, or even having a yellow gold piece of jewellery rhodium plated to make it silver in colour. And if you bought the piece for your loved one originally, then your love will be as restored and adored as the jewellery again!

Restore and Adore a Broken Piece

Of course, many jewellery pieces simply require a basic jewellery repair. This could be resetting a missing stone, or fixing a broken link, for example. Just imagine the reaction, however, if you were to restore your loved one’s engagement ring which is perhaps missing a stone? You would be simply adored!

For Jewellery repairs Ilford wide and beyond this Valentine’s Day, visit E.K. Jewellers. We will help to bring the shine back to your jewellery this Valentine’s, restoring love and adoration across Ilford!

Posted on by Ian Tubby.