Jewellery Trends for 2019 that You’ll Want to Know About

With the start of the New Year, there comes along a flurry of new jewellery trends. These are normally seen on the catwalk first, and then work their way down to the high street. However, here at E.K. Jewellers, Woodford fashion lovers can get ahead of the trends and recreate many of the catwalk looks with a little helping hand from us!

Layering to the Next Level

Layering has been on trend for many a year. However, 2019 seems to be the year that it is taken to the next level! The catwalks saw trends such as a choker, with layers or strands of pendants dangling from them. Whilst this may be a little out there for your everyday look, you can take the lead from the idea of the choker, and layer one with longer necklaces underneath.

Similarly, why not ask your jeweller in Woodford to create a pair of bespoke earrings for you? The catwalks saw large hoop earrings with several pendants hanging from the hoops, layered one behind the other. This is a look which many a jeweller could recreate for you.

An Ear Cuff Above

Ear cuffs were, quite literally, huge on the catwalk for 2019. Although you might not wish to sport an oversized cuff, ask your local jeweller about their range of smaller ear cuffs to keep you on trend this new year. Local jewellers Woodford wide will have a range of in-stock ear cuffs available for you to choose from.

Chained to Fashion

Chunky chains were popular on the catwalks for the 2019 collections, and this is an easy look to recreate via your local jeweller in Woodford. You might not want something quite as industrial as those chains seen as part of the fashion collections, but your local jeweller will no doubt stock some chunky chain necklaces and bracelets on a smaller scale for you choose from.

The Name Game

Nameplate jewellery will be back in for 2019. You may already have a necklace with your name on it from years gone by, or you may need to visit your local jeweller to ask about a custom piece.

If you do wish to have one made, ask your local jeweller whether you can have a piece engraved or formed out of metal with your name on it. Similarly, you can always have an old nameplate necklace or bracelet polished and fixed as necessary by a local jeweller.

No matter which trend you opt for this year, we can help. E.K. Jewellers is just a short drive or train journey away from Woodford, and we are happy to help recreate high fashion pieces to suit your everyday style.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.