Layering Jewellery – How to do it with Meaning

Layering different pieces of jewellery is nothing new. It’s been a jewellery trend for many a year now, and it’s easy to see why: why wear one piece of beautiful jewellery when you could wear two or three together?

Often, separate pieces layered together complement each other and improve the overall look of the individual items. But how can you take layering to the next level? Jewellers Loughton wide will tell you to layer with meaning!

Wellness Layering

Many people believe in chakras and healing stones. By wearing different crystals, it can help to heal the mind, body and spirit by balancing the different energy zones located throughout the body.

If you believe that they could help you, then why not wear them in tandem to get the full effect from them? For example, layer a piece which includes lapis or labradorite, as these bring about a sense of understanding and increased imagination respectively, which means that your creative juices will be flowing!

Alternatively, if you need a confidence boost, then wear a necklace which uses howlite together with one which contains amethyst. Howlite is a soothing stone, and amethyst not only calms the mind, but can help you to break free from bad habits and protects you from negative energies. The perfect combinations for a self-esteem booster.

Sentimental Layering

If you’re more sentimental than spiritual, why not layer pieces which mean something to you? For example, layer necklaces or stack bracelets which include the birthstones of your loved ones.

You can also have pieces specifically made for layering by a jeweller in Loughton. By having pieces custom made for you, you can choose exactly what they represent.

Furthermore, you can also choose your necklace length, for example, so that you can layer them in exactly the way you’d like. Or why ask your jeweller in Loughton to create stacking rings for you which fit together?

Statement Layering

Want to make a statement with your layered pieces? Go bold! Choose large stone pendants on long necklaces, and then team them with a string of chunky beads. Alternatively, strings and strings of pearls and crystals worn together are a bold look, perfect for the statement bridal look, for example!

If layering is your thing, thinking about layering with meaning will really give you an alternative look to play with. If you’re not sure how best to go about changing up your jewellery layering, visit E.K Jewellers. Based just a short distance from Loughton, we are happy to help you to layer your jewellery style with meaning!

Posted on by Ian Tubby.