Mer-Mazing Jewellery!

Beach jewellery is on trend every summer. But this year, there really seems to be a shift towards all things to do with the sea. You’d have to be living on another planet to not have noticed how mermaids are a popular motif for everything from t-shirts through to notepads nowadays, and jewellery is also being influenced by all things mer-people.

Jewellers Woodford wide are embracing the trend, too.But don’t worry if you’re not sure that the mermaid trend is for you. There are several ways that you can look mer-mazing, or at least embrace a beachy theme, to a greater or lesser degree.

Coral Colours

If you just want a hint of the seven seas about your jewellery look this summer, choose glass beads and precious stones inspired by the ocean. Blue and greens are obvious choices, but don’t rule out warm salmon-pinks or orange coral colours, especially when worn against a deep blue or sea green outfit.

Alternatively, pearls in soft pinks, blues and greens look great when strung together, and give off that sea vibe, too. Perfect for a subtle summer look!

Sailing the Subtle Seas

If you want a subtle, grown up look which still has something of the mermaid touch about it, how about choosing a piece of jewellery with a beach themed motif? Stars with subtle curves on the points work well as starfish, for example, or you might opt for a shell shaped pendant.

Such pieces are readily available at jewellers Woodford wide, so pop along and see what you can ‘sea’!

Really Mer-mazing!

If you do want something which is full-on mermaid, there are plenty of mermaid charms available. These can be large mermaids worn on a necklace pendant, tiny mermaids dangling from earrings or perhaps a charm for a bracelet.

Alternatively, how about a piece of jewellery whereby the metal is textured to look like fish scales? When this metal is given a green / blue / pink tone, you’ll have the magical look of a mermaid’s tail! Heart shaped pendants of this kind are really pretty and very much like you’ve temporarily hung up your sea legs to wear your mermaid charms in jewellery form!

If you’re ready to embrace your inner mermaid this summer, take a trip to your local jewellers Woodford wide and beyond. Just a short hop from Woodford, here at E. K. Jewellers, we are happy to make something bespoke for you, so if the sea is calling you in a certain direction, get in touch and we can bring your creation to life!

Posted on by Ian Tubby.