Misshapen Jewellery: No Match for a Professional Jeweller!

When we have a piece of jewellery that we love, it’s natural to want to wear it every day. But this everyday wear does bring with it a certain amount of wear and tear. Over time, our beloved pieces of jewellery may become bent or misshapen as we go about our daily tasks.

Wedding and engagement rings in particular are prime candidates for a little bit of rough and tumble, but bracelets, necklaces, watch bracelets, and earrings can all come under fire from time to time. However, a misshapen piece of jewellery is no match for any local jeweller who will be able to tackle these problems on site to make your piece as good as new again.

What Causes Misshapen Jewellery?

Normally misshapen jewellery is simply caused by every day wear and tear. Things like wedding rings, engagement rings and bracelet or bangle style watch bands are worn every day. They come under a fair amount of pressure as we go about our everyday business, and this can cause them to become bent or misshapen.

Furthermore, the type of metal used to make the piece of jewellery will play its part. Some metals, such as gold, are softer and more malleable by nature. Others, such as silver and platinum are much more durable.

What can be done to fix Misshapen Jewellery?

Fortunately, bent and misshapen jewellery is no match for experienced jewellers. Loughton jewellery owners and those in all the areas surrounding Hainault based EK Jewellers can get their damaged wedding and engagement rings fixed if they are not set with stones by using a ‘mandrel’ (a cone-like rod) to restore the ring’s shape. Even if the ring is set with stones, EK Jewellers can assist.

Similarly, the links of a herringbone chain necklace can be manipulated back into place by a jeweller with experience of such repairs, and the likes of earring posts can be straightened.

It’s best to leave repairs like this to experienced jewellers who carry out repairs on the premises, as they won’t make the dents and bends worse, nor will they snap the earring post off, as can happen when a DIY repair is attempted!

So if you have a piece of jewellery which has become misshapen, take it to a professional local jeweller. In Loughton and surrounding areas, EK Jewellers is the jeweller of choice for this type of service, with all repairs carried out on the premises for complete peace of mind.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.