New Watch Trend: Black is the New… Black!

Increasingly we’re seeing a new watch trend emerging: black timepieces. Black straps, black face, black casing, black watches are big news right now, for both men and women.

A dark coloured timepiece will always make an impact, yet will be versatile enough to wear with many an outfit, from office wear through to everyday casual. So with this trend taking root in the watch world, we’re going back to black.

Plain and Simple

The most common type of black watch is the plain, simple, round faced type. Their simple leather or plastic black band culminates in a simple round face, with very little in the way of numerical markings.

There’s something quite retro about such a watch, and indeed, you may have one lurking in a drawer waiting for this revival. If so, why not give it a new lease of life? It may well be that a local jeweller is able to service it and give it a new watch battery and it’ll be good to go!

Something Steampunk

Although black watches can be suitable for both men and women, there’s something quite masculine about them. Maybe it’s the dark colour, or their sharp look, but if you combine it with an edge of steampunk, then they seem to become manlier still. Black watches are a great choice therefore for a gent’s watch.

We’ve seen some great watches with industrial elements such as coils and spring surrounding the band and cogs in the faces. They’re really unusual, so not for the faint hearted, and don’t be put off as a woman if you want a strong watch such as this; teamed with sharp tailoring they can give a funky look to an office outfit, for example.

The Woman in Black

If you would prefer a more feminine feel to this look, then opt for a black watch edged in diamonds. The white and brilliant sparkle of the diamonds will give a striking contrast to an all-black face and strap, and will soften the overall look of the watch.

Black and White

If you already own a watch with a white face but feel like it needs updating, don’t think that you can’t get in on the black watch trend. Why not have the strap changed for a black leather or even a black hued metal strap to give it a contrasting black and white look?

A service that a good jewellery shop will offer, along with a new watch battery, is a replacement watch strap service. You’ll find plenty of choice to help your existing watch fit in with this trend.

Whether you’re looking for a completely new watch or just a new watch battery, Chigwell and Woodford residents can visit nearby Hainault based EK Jewellers for a complete watch service and friendly, personalised advice.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.