New Year, New Sparkle with Rhodium Plating

Once the lights have come down, and the glitter and baubles have been packed away for another year, there’s no better pick me up than revitalising your wardrobe. When it comes to jewellery, using a rhodium plating service on white gold jewellery is an excellent way of bringing your precious pieces back to their best.

If you are looking to restore white gold jewellery for the New Year, it’s important to take it to someone you trust: your local independent jeweller is just the person for the job!

How does Rhodium plating white gold jewellery work?

It’s easy to restore white gold jewellery ready for the New Year. White gold is actually something of a misnomer, as gold is a yellow metal; white gold is an alloy, or mixture, of gold and a white metal such as nickel, silver or palladium. To create the popular brilliant white colour, a thin layer of rhodium electroplating is applied.

However, rhodium plating doesn’t last forever, and you will need to invest in a rhodium plating service, whereby the rhodium electroplating is reapplied, to keep your pieces looking tip-top every now and again. 

How often should you restore white gold jewellery?

How long the rhodium plating lasts on a piece of white gold jewellery depends on its wear and tear. A white gold wedding or engagement ring, for example, is likely to need restoring quicker than a necklace or brooch, as it will be worn constantly and is in constant contact with the skin.

If you’ve had your piece of white gold jewellery for a while and haven’t ever had it re-plated, why not think about starting the New Year afresh, and investing in a rhodium plating service? You’ll be surprised what a difference it can make to your special pieces!

Why you Need to go for Rhodium plating on the Premises

For local rhodium plating, Ilford residents are turning to their local jewellery shop for assistance. The advantages of using a local jeweller is the fact that the rhodium plating service is carried out on site: there’s no risk of loss of your precious items as there could be when you use a high street chain.

You’ll know that by using a local jeweller your items are protected and won’t be going anywhere, meaning that you won’t be separated from your special pieces of jewellery for too long. With rhodium plating, Ilford based EKjewellers will bring your jewellery back to its best for the New Year!

Posted on by Ian Tubby.