New Year Watch Resolutions

It’s almost the start of a new year, and as such it’s time to think about treating your watches a little bit better! What do we mean by this? Well, many of us are guilty of not doing anything more with our watches than wearing them (and sometimes, not even that!).

So if you are expecting a beautiful timepiece for Christmas, or you have a watch languishing in a drawer unloved, let’s do something about it this year. Here are a few New Year Watch Resolutions, which go above and beyond the regular new watch battery!

Get your Watch Serviced Regularly

If you have an expensive watch, an heirloom watch or even just a watch that you love, you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you don’t have it serviced regularly. Having your watch serviced will guarantee that it works at its best.

As part of the service, your local jeweller will usually clean the timepiece, and replace any parts that have seen better days. You may also need a new watch battery. Rest assured you can trust E.K. Jewellers to carry out a thorough service on site, with no risk of your timepiece being transported off site and lost.

Change the Watch Band if Needed

Wear and tear can take its toll on your watch strap. If your watch band has seen better days, think about having it replaced. Your local jeweller can normally supply a band very similar in style, or alternatively, you may wish to go for something completely different to freshen up the look of your timepiece.

Change your Watch Battery Regularly

If your watch is slowing down, or the battery has stopped completely, buy a new watch battery. Woodford and Ilford residents can visit E.K. Jewellers for this service as we’re only based a short hop away in Hainault. We find that many people let their watch battery die, and then leave their watch languishing in a drawer for weeks, months or more! Watches don’t deserve such treatment; have your watch battery replaced at the first signs of it slowing down and love your watch.

Wear your Watches!

This should, really, go without saying. But how many of us have two or three watches, yet only tend to wear one of the collection? Let’s show our watches some love this year, and make sure that we wear them regularly. And if we’re not wearing them regularly, they should be stored correctly whilst not in use.

Need a new watch battery in Woodford? E.K. Jewellers is nearby in Hainault and serves lots of customers from surrounding areas. Why not pop along from some friendly, personalised advice?

Posted on by Ian Tubby.