Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful, but the Jewellery is so Delightful!

Winter: the season that often makes us think of cold, grey, dreary days. But it’s also the season of crisp, cool walks through autumnal landscapes, sparkling snow and glistening frost. It can be beautiful, and it can also inspire some beautiful jewellery, too.

Of course, there’s nothing new about snowflake shaped pendants, and although they are beautiful in their own way too, we’ve been thinking a little bit outside the box here at EK Jewellers. Woodford customers, be inspired by our winter wonderland of jewellery:

The Weather Outside is: Snowy

As mentioned previously, snowflake jewellery is the obvious choice for snowy winter weather. But if you’re looking for something more unusual, why not go for a cluster of white beads or gemstones?

Opals or pearls are amongst the prettiest choices to reflect the white landscape outside. To get the wintry look spot on, pick jewellery with more than one stone or pearl included, such as a delicate seed pearl bracelet, or a ring with several opals set into beautiful white gold.

The Weather Outside is: Icy

We love jewellery inspired by icicles. It’s cool, it’s crisp, it’s dramatic. Think beautiful drop pendant earrings fashioned to look like tiny icicles dangling from your earlobes. You’ll be the hottest of the ice maidens!

The Weather Outside is: Blustery

Blustery weather makes us think of those bare tree branches that still have that slightly autumnal look about them. Imitate this look through colour; think about those last few red and yellow leaves clinging to the branches.

We love bracelets made of strands of brown or russet thread, and then covered in tiny seed beads in a rust or golden colour to copy the beauty of the bare trees outside.

The Weather Outside is: Rainy

Rain, rain, go away and inspire jewellery, we say! The classic raindrop shape is ideal for pendants and ring settings alike. And what better stone to suit this shape than a girl’s best friend, the diamond?

The beauty in a raindrop inspired piece is its simplicity, so if you’re having a bespoke piece of jewellery made, set your diamond in stunning white gold or platinum and leave it be. That’s all you’ll need to sparkle when the wintry showers start!

No matter how the winter weather treats us, use it to be inspired and visit your local jeweller. In Woodford, customers can visit EK Jewellers for ideas on wintry pieces. We can discuss ideas for custom made pieces, or alternatively we’ve got plenty of sparkle in stock!

Posted on by Ian Tubby.