Refresh Your Jewellery Collection for New Year

Out with the old, and in with the new…jewellery! As we see in the New Year and go through the traditional rituals of New Year’s resolutions, packing away the last remnants of Christmas and thinking about the year ahead, are you thinking about a wardrobe refresh, too? If so, you may want to think about refreshing your jewellery collection. So here for you are the latest trends in jewellery for 2022.

Chunky charm bracelets

Charm bracelets have been in fashion for many years now. However, for 2022, you may want to refresh your charm bracelet with something a little chunkier. Chunky charms will feature heavily in 2022, reminiscent of those worn in the 1970s.

This could mean something fairly subtle like irregular pearls strung from a chunky gold link charm bracelet, or something which really evokes the 1970s, such as gold coins dangling from your wrist. There will be plenty of gold involved too, so if you are currently wearing a silver charm bracelet, you may want to refresh it for this year with a gold option instead.

Large set stone rings

When it comes to jewellery trends 2022, most things will be going big, and gemstone rings are no exception. Rings will have large stone settings in 2022, either with a large gemstone sunken into the ring to create a smooth finish to the top, or it could be a design which has an unfinished look and feel to it, with a large stone setting.

If you do want to go for an unfinished style ring, why not speak to your local jeweller about a handmade piece? For handmade jewellery trends 2022, having a raw style ring made will really be unique.

Chandelier earrings

Something else that will be big in 2022 are the chandelier earrings. Yet another piece to make a statement, when it comes to jewellery trends 2022, they won’t be for the faint hearted.

However, if you want to tone down the trends for 2022, why not go for simple drop earrings? They will still make a statement but will be a subtler option. You could go for chandelier earrings with a small drop pendent on the end, or alternatively just simple delicate chain chandeliers.

Pearls and gold

As well as pearls as part of charm bracelets, pearls will be big in jewellery trends for 2022 in other ways, but usually mixed with gold. For example, trending necklaces for 2022 will often feature pearls. This could be mostly a pearl necklace but with a gold pendant on the end. Alternatively, you may wish to wear a gold ring which has a pearl set into it.

The combination of the warm gold and cool pearl will be big for the year ahead and are a classic look which can be worn with many different wardrobe items.

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Posted on by Ian Tubby.