Restore Platinum Jewellery With Rhodium Plating

Did you know that you can restore platinum jewellery using a service called rhodium plating? The brilliant shine of platinum jewellery can be brought back to life using this service and at EK Jewellers we undertake rhodium plating on the premises.

When should you restore platinum jewellery?

Platinum jewellery is popular due to its durability and its beautiful silver-white shine. However, everyday life takes its toll on everything, platinum included. Over time, dents and scratches may appear. These are actually just metal displacement; no volume is lost, but they can look unsightly.

Platinum can also develop a natural patina. To restore platinum jewellery, we can polish and buff the dents and scratches and then reapply the rhodium plating to bring back its original shine.

Is rhodium plating platinum jewellery a good idea?

There is some debate as to whether rhodium plating platinum jewellery is necessary. Indeed, rhodium plating is usually used to give white gold the appearance of platinum. However, without rhodium plating, platinum jewellery can look grey rather than brilliant silver or white. 

Furthermore, rhodium plated platinum jewellery is slightly more durable as an extra layer of metal has been added to the piece. Plus rhodium reflects approximately 10–15% more light than platinum alone, meaning your pieces will have that extra touch of glimmer and shine about them.

Rhodium plating: Chigwell jewellers can bring back your shine onsite

As with any jewellery restoration, using a local jeweller is always the best route to follow. For rhodium plating, Chigwell residents can pop along to our Hainault shop with their piece and be safe in the knowledge that they will be kept there, so there is no risk of jewellery being lost.

As well as rhodium plating platinum jewellery, we can also restore platinum jewellery in Chigwell through a professional polish, so if you don’t want to add a layer of rhodium to your piece, ask about this alternative. It won’t bring as high a shine to your jewellery, but it will help to eliminate the unsightly marks and reduce the patina.

For added brilliance, you can’t beat rhodium plating platinum jewellery. Give us a call or drop in to find out more about our rhodium plating service. Your platinum jewellery deserves to look its very best.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.