Rose Quartz and Serenity: How the Pantone Colours of 2016 can Work for your Jewellery

The Pantone Color Institute has named its colour of the year, and this year it has gone for something slightly different. Every year the institute predicts the colour that’s going to be big in fashion, and used in everything from bridesmaids’ dresses to high street fashion and even interior design. So why is this year any different?

Well, they’ve chosen two colours with a view to them being blended in a flowing, fluid manor into one another. And the two colours chosen? One is a beautiful pastel shade of blue named Serenity, and the other is one of our all-time favourite jewellery colours: rose quartz.

But what does this mean for your jewellery? Here’s how your local jeweller in Woodford can make these colours work for you:

Rose Quartz and Serenity Bracelets

This season’s colour choice is an extremely pretty combination. It’s the stuff of bridal bouquets and baby showers: soft, feminine and slightly whimsical. This means that any jewellery made in these tones should follow these rules, too.

Slightly boho and very delicate bracelets are therefore ideal. Alternating rose quartz and serenity coloured beads either strung together or on a delicate chain will achieve this look perfectly. If you wish to add seed pearls in between the stones, then that works too to up the femininity factor.

For any custom designed pieces such as this, EK Jewellers’ Woodford based colour enthusiasts can turn to us to create a piece made on the premises to your exact requirements.

Drop Necklaces

Drop necklaces are ideal for this look, as they are already very delicate. Add a twist to make it slightly funkier and less gentle by adding chunky beads in both tones amongst the smaller ones. Two layers of beads can be worn together, too, to give a unique take on the colours.

Perhaps you already have a beaded necklace of similar pinks and blues which will suit the 2016 colours but is in need of repair? It can be restrung at EK Jewellers. As we carry out jewellery repairs on the premises, Chigwell jewellery owners can be safe in the knowledge that we’re safely working on and looking after their pieces.

Rose Gold Metal and Serenity Gemstones

One way of mixing the two colours of the season and adding a twist at the same time is to use rose gold instead of rose quartz. The tones of the metal and the Pantone colour are very similar, and by adding gemstones which are similar hues of blue to the serenity tone, you can add a unique twist to the on-trend colours.

Refresh Antique Pieces

If you own any antique jewellery, check whether any of it fits this year’s colour trend. Heirloom pieces are often very soft and subtle, and may therefore fit the bill, particularly if they include stones of one or both of the colours.

Alternatively, perhaps you have an antique piece in need of refreshing, or requiring a little repair ready to be worn again? Either way, remember that EK Jewellers perform jewellery repairs on the premises. Woodford jewellery lovers can have pieces repaired or refreshed with this season’s colours with the peace of mind that they won’t be lost.

No matter whether you fancy jewellery in the 2016 Pantone colours or something different entirely, EK Jewellers can help. Talk to us about which colours will suit you and this year’s fashion trends.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.